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Praise for David M. Jacobs’

Walking Among US


The Purpose Behind the Abduction Program, from the Greatest Researcher in the Field

“No-one could justifiably claim Dr. David Jacobs to be a prolific writer. 23 years after Secret Life and 16 years following The Threat, this 2015 publication is the author’s third book about the alien abduction program. In Walking Among Us, Dr. Jacobs focuses on the purpose behind the program and the precise details of how and possibly why it has been carried out on humanity for the past century or so, with some enlightening and genuinely shocking conclusions. You may have read similar words before to describe/publicise works on this subject, but here – for once – it turns out to be true.

The content of the book is radically different not only to the author’s previous work, but to all other published work to date on this important but puzzling subject. WAU is not, in fact, about alien abductions per se, but has a focus far deeper and more radical. The conclusions may explain not only what the UFO phenomenon really is, but the origin and nature of many apparently unrelated ‘paranormal’ phenomena frequently reported by percipients.

Here Dr. Jacobs focuses on the reported experiences of [14] abductees, almost all unknown to each other. The author has worked with each of these abductees for at least several years and in some cases for decades. From 2003, some – but importantly not all (to understand why, you’ll need to read the book) – abductees began to describe precise details about the process of integration into society by alien hubrids (they’re different to hybrids) and the planned support structure built to enable this process”


Don C. Donderi, Ph.D., associate professor (retired) of psychology, McGill University, Montreal, author of UFOs, ETs, and Alien Abductions writes:

Walking Among Us is a chronicle of human experience that contradicts every current theory about the universe that we think we live in. Jacobs’ human observers have experienced a concealed reality that is literally next door to some of us, and that he believe is about to interact, secretly and insidiously, with the rest of us. Walking Among Us explains why extraterrestrial UFOs are here, who is aboard them, and what they are doing. To put it mildly, the evidence from the people that Jacobs has interviewed shows that the extraterrestrials are up to no good. You will find Walking Among Us hard to put down. If enough of us read and pay attention to the evidence in this book, we might be able to avoid the disaster that its evidence portends.”


Suspend Your Disbelief: Maybe Alien Human Hybrids Really Are Living Among Us

“The opening of the book reads: ‘I understand that alien integration into human society sounds ridiculous. The idea that alien/human hybrids are living on Earth is inherently preposterous.’ – so Dr. Jacobs knows full well what he’s up against. He nonetheless uses his scientific training to try to make a case, as he says, for following the evidence where it leads. If you can suspend your disbelief for a couple of chapters, you’ll start to see why he’s put himself up for ridicule. Maybe, just maybe, there’s something to the abductee testimony that he cites...” (Five Stars on Amazon by Hagbard Celine)


Thomas E. Bullard, Ph.D., board member of CUFOS: Center for UFO Studies and Fund for UFO Research; Author of UFO Abductions: The Measure of a Mystery writes:

“David Jacobs has spent his career as a history professor at a major university, and – what matters most of all – he backs his claims with an impressive mass of evidence…. Jacobs treats his subjects with ethnographic depth and detail, but without academic ponderousness.”


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Praise for Walking Among Us
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