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The Judy Doraty Case
An Abductee's Account of a Calf Mutilation
Aboard an Alien Craft

By Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D. - Research Update


Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D. is a retired research scientist formerly affiliated with the New York State Department of Health where he specialized in the environmental epidemiology of congenital birth defects. He has also been involved in research and publication of long term aftereffects resulting from Near-Death Experiences. In addition to his medical experience, Dr. Bonenfant has served as an adjunct professor at Siena College in Loudonville, NY and more recently with the Department of Psychiatry at the Malcom Randall VA Medical Center in Gainesville, FL. Over the past few years he has authored three books of fiction which are now available through Amazon and currently serves on the board of directors of two regional hospitals near Tampa, FL. Dr. Bonenfant’s books are works of “Faction;” novels Based in Fact.  http://www.rbbookends.com/

“Judy Doraty passed away in January, 2005.  Her husband has requested no further inquiries be made regarding her abduction. Luckily, her courage in coming forth with her testimony has gifted many of us with a glimpse into unknown regions of the cave. It remains a gift far more precious than she could ever have imagined.


In a previous article, Significant Observations Relating to Animal Mutilations (March, 2014) [2], I advanced the hypothesis that animal mutilations represented a systematic effort by aliens to monitor the spread of prion related diseases in mammals. This thesis was largely derived by observing consistent mutilation patterns in bovine carcasses. Once prion diseases were confined to specific species like cows, horses or sheep but recently abnormal prions have mutated to the point where they can cross this species barrier. For example, in the 1990s cows infected with Mad Cow Disease transmitted a mutated form of the disease to humans through the ingestion of contaminated meat. [3] Similar violation of the species barrier is now occurring in mammals which consume prion contaminated byproducts.

The present article attempts to advance this hypothesis by examining its relationship with UFOs. Pertinent testimony for this endeavor was derived from an abductee who reported observed the abduction and vivisection of a young calf aboard an alien craft in 1973. The case was initially investigated by Linda Moulton Howe and subsequently became known as the Judy Doraty Abduction. Later in 1980, Leo Sprinkle. Ph.D., then Director of the Division of Counseling and Testing at the University of Wyoming, used regressive hypnosis to supplement Judy’s recall of the experience. Those sessions produced observations about mutilation methodology which closely resembles those suggested in my earlier paper. In addition, Judy Doraty’s testimony contained a wealth of information on a number of other aspects of the UFO/Abduction phenomenon. Unfortunately, they are too copious to present in this article. For those interested in the matter, a full transcription of the hypnotic sessions can be found in Appendix 12 of Linda Moulton Howe’s 1989 classic, An Alien Harvest. [4]

The following sections present various aspects of Judy Doraty’s abduction experience as recounted from original transcripts. Topics specifically covered include: the means by which animals are extracted; the procedures performed on captured animals aboard the alien craft; a description of the dissection of a calf by two aliens; remarks on the manner in which the abductee and the aliens communicated; a review of the aliens’ stated rationale for the carrying out mutilations, and a brief review of Judy’s daughter’s simultaneous abduction and physical examination. The presentation concludes with a discussion of the implications of these events.

Many aspects of the regression are not covered in this article because they exceed the scope of the stated task. They will hopefully be presented in future articles.

The Light

Judy Doraty’s account begins with Dr. Sprinkle regressing her back to the scene of her abduction in May, 1973. The event occurred while driving back home from Houston after a night of playing bingo. Present with Judy in the car was her daughter, Cindy, her mother and two in-laws. At some point on her return home Judy noted a strange light in the sky. Judy’s exact words were as follows:

“It was like a large spotlight, like they were looking for something. But it wasn’t moving, it was stationary in the sky ...” (p. 301).

Her brother-in-law in the back seat of the car commented that the light was probably a helicopter on route to the Galveston Airport. However, Judy had her doubts:

“I...for some reason, didn’t think it was a helicopter and I kept turning and looking at it and it would never change in size, it stayed the same.” (p. 301).

“I thought if it’s a helicopter I would be able to hear it, so, I rolled my window down in the car and I couldn’t hear anything.” (p. 301)

Finally, Judy pulled over to the side of the road and got out of her car to get a better look at the light.

And I stepped outside the car and I could see like it had fiber or it had substance. It was a light, but it had substance.”  (p. 301)

In a later session Dr. Sprinkle again asked Judy to describe the light...

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Dr. Bonenfant's Discussion


The intent of this article is to examine a well investigated case in which an abductee witnessed the capture and mutilation of a young calf while aboard a UFO. Two assumptions were accepted prior to examining this witness’ testimony. The first is that UFOs are a reality. This assumption is based upon robust evidence gathered over the past several decades. The second assumption is that UFOs are responsible for animal mutilations. While controversial, it remains the most likely explanation for the mutilation phenomenon. Bearing these assumptions in mind, an attempt will now be made to review the case and discuss its implications.

In the regression presented above, Judy Doraty’s account of her encounter was presented in a rather straight-forward manner. However, what actually occurred that evening was far more complicated. It began with the observation of a strange nocturnal light which appeared to be following her car. After a period of time, Judy pulled over to the side of the road and stepped out of the car in order to get a better view of this light. That’s when she observed an animal suspended in a beam of light emanating from a larger source. This part of the encounter likely occurred in a state of normal consciousness just as she recalled. However, what followed, namely her experience within the alien craft, would seem to have taken place in an altered state of consciousness commonly known as an out-of-body experience (OBE). In this state, her body remained stationed by the car throughout the subsequent chronology but her mind became actively involved in the activities taking place aboard the craft.

Some critics will argue that this confusion of consciousness alone negates the validity of Judy’s testimony. To the contrary, I feel it would be a mistake to disregard her testimony on this basis. Parapsychologists have long recognized the phenomenon of mental bi-location and marshaled a great deal of evidence for its existence. In addition, recently similar states are often reported by those who undergo near-death-experiences. When investigated, their observations of what they perceive while in this state are found to be very accurate. Therefore, a strong case can be made that her recall of what occurred aboard the craft likely reflects real events.

This same argument holds true for her reported “telepathic” communications with the aliens. What is truly remarkable is that this occurred while the witness was in an out-of-body state. The fact that we cannot replicate either telepathic communication or OBEs at will in a controlled setting does not negate their existence. I suggest that judgment be suspended on this aspect of the case and that attention be focus on evaluating the quality of her observations.

While Judy remained physically stationed by the car throughout her entire episode within the craft, her daughter Cindy was likely abducted and medically examined. Other members of the party within the car were probably “turned off” by some means. This would prevent them from having any recall of what transpired during this period. The capture of a young calf and its subsequent vivisection aboard the craft likely occurred exactly as described by Judy. I assume this conclusion solely upon my personal evaluation of how these events could have rationally occurred. What must be remembered is that the calf’s mutilation and her daughter’s abduction occurred while the subject herself reported being in a state of dual-consciousness. 

The first observation of note is the actual abduction of the calf. Judy recalled seeing a calf suspended within a beam of yellow light which contained swirling dust like particles. The calf was apparently captured by this light and was in the process of being drawn into a hovering craft above. Judy remarked that the calf struggled to escape but was unable to do so. Assuming her observation was accurate, this beam of light represents the method used by alien entities to capture and extract hapless victims. Since “tractor beams” have been frequently illustrated in the UFO literature for both humans and animals, they must have been both previously and subsequently observed. This method of extraction would account for the lack of tracks in the vicinity of mutilated carcasses. At a later point in her regression, Judy reports that after dissection, the animal’s carcass was dropped from the craft. We don’t know whether Judy meant the carcass was directly ejected from the craft, or it was lowered to the ground by the same beam of light used to capture it. It would be reasonable to assume the animal was lowered by light back onto the ground. If released before reaching the ground, it could account for broken bones and other evidence of physical trauma found in some mutilated animals.

Humans Create Matter from Light

An advanced technological society may have reached a point where they are able to manipulate light in much the same manner as we manipulate material objects. Reports of nocturnal lights splitting apart, performing bizarre aerial performances and then mysteriously merging together again abound in the UFO literature. Craft which shoot out beams of light have also been frequently noted. The possibilities of such a technology can only be guessed at. A well respected scientific website recently reported that physicists at the Imperial College of London have discovered how to create matter from light. Their findings, which were recently published in Nature Photonics [5],promise to open the door to a vast range of new technological capabilities. So, as bizarre as “tractor beams” appear to those of a skeptical nature, we should seriously consider the possibility that aliens may have already mastered such feats.

One of the primary objectives of this article was to examine the observations made on the vivisection of the captured calf. Hopefully, the calf was tranquillized prior to the removal of its organs for what follows is truly gruesome. Judy recounts seeing the creature dissected by an instrument resembling a “straight razor.” She also specifically recalled seeing the eyes, tongue, testicles and other glistening tissue being placed in scooped out basins on a table near the operating arena. These organs had been implanted with probes attached to long, transparent tubes. Within these tubes she observed blood and other fluids flowing to some unknown location. A scanning device consisting of sequentially flashing vertical lights was attached to the needles and monitored the passage of various fluids. Judy also remarked that the alien beings worked with great speed and efficiency during the entire procedure. At one point the aliens telepathically told Judy that it was critical for the process to be carried out quickly.

From a medical perspective, it would certainly appear that the excised organs and tissue were being tested for the presence of some pathogenic substance. The procedure was probably being conducted with great speed in order to reduce the risk of tissue deterioration. Most likely the heart was allowed to continue functioning in order to sustain various organs and tissues for as long as possible. The basins served to contain excised tissue while embedded probes drew freshly liquefied tissue for passage to some unknown destination. It’s likely that the monitoring lights scanned the passing fluid to record variables of importance to the aliens. The entire procedure could have been completed in a matter of ten minutes or less. Since carcasses are usually found completely drained of blood, all bodily fluids were likely drained before the calf was discarded.

What remains puzzling to this investigator is why so much tissue was necessary for these tests. A very small sample of blood would suffice to determine the presence of levels of a wide variety of substances. Why was all of the animal’s blood collected?  Likewise, targeted organs could be biopsied without the need to extract entire organ systems. Lastly, why are so many animals being mutilated for the purpose of environmental monitoring? It would seem that advanced biomedical technology could monitor the spread of pathogenic agents in various species with a much smaller sample size. The extraction of such large quantities of tissue is not in concert with the Prion Hypothesis. When examining animals for the presence of mutated prions, the central nervous system and the digestive track should suffice.

Grey ETs’ Rational: Truth? Misinformation? Disinformation?

These questions force us to consider the reasons given to abductees for the persisting rash of mutilations. Could their rational be misleading, or even outright misinformation? Mythologies of various cultures through the world warn of tricksters who deliberately deceive individuals in order to achieve their own ends. The problem for abductees and those who investigate their cases is that no one has a basis upon which to gauge the intention of non-human, sentient beings. When using hypnosis to extract repressed memories, multiple layers of screen memories must often be peeled away before the core of an abductee’s real experience can be reached. I personally have no doubt that the visiting aliens are deeply concerned over some aspects of human behavior relating to the environment. In Judy’s case they mention their concern over testing of nuclear weapons in both outer space and deep under our oceans. Since the public is usually kept in the dark about such matters, ostensibly for reasons of national security, the populace has no way of knowing the potential dangers they are being exposed to.

Alien agencies which are obviously cognizant of such factors may be justified in their concern for our planet, but the ongoing mutilation of our mammalian species does not speak well for their moral virtues. A Christian proverb states, “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Let us remember those virtues we so cherish; love, truth, compassion, good will, and more recently, the sanctity of consent are not commonly expressed by aliens.

Investigating this case has been like discovering a cave which contains a labyrinth of passageways of various sizes. Some of the passageways gradually diminish leading nowhere; others randomly meander, diverge and occasionally lead to astounding caverns. This confusing maze seems to go on indefinitely leaving explorers frustrated by its complexity.

It is beyond the scope of this article to explore the entire cave. This presentation has focused on a single passageway; one that relates to the mutilation of captured animals. The underlying question of “why” so many animal mutilations are taking place continues to elude us. Judy Doraty passed away in January, 2005.  Her husband has requested no further inquiries be made regarding her abduction. Luckily, her courage in coming forth with her testimony has gifted many of us with a glimpse into unknown regions of the cave. It remains a gift far more precious than she could ever have imagined.

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Notes and Bibliography

Topics Covered In this Document

[1] Richard Bonenfant is a retired medical research scientist, educator, and writer. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of two regional hospitals near Tampa, Florida.

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More pertinent today than ever! A biochemist from the University of Dublin at Trinity College Specifically asks, “Are the cattle mutilations discovered in the last 30 years part of a covert, illegal sampling program designed to learn how far the deadly prions have spread through the nation’s livestock and beef products?”(2004). Get it on Amazon

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This Ends
An Abductee's Account of a Calf Mutilation
Aboard an Alien Craft
By Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D.
© 2014
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