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Identical Twins and Alien Abductions

 By “Elizabeth and Kathryn”

HybridsRising.com: Kathryn-Elizabeth-Alien-Abductee-Alien-Craft-small.jpgWe are identical twin sisters who come from a family where education and teaching are the norm. Before her death, our mother was in the process of completing her doctorate degree in education. I, Kathryn have a B.S. degree in education while my sister Elizabeth holds two B.S. degrees; one in education and the other in special education. We graduated from a prestigious southern University and were educators for nearly 30 years. We are married and have children as well as grandchildren.

We have had life-long sightings of unusual shaped craft ranging from triangular shaped to disc shaped to cylindrical shaped. These craft are very large and totally silent. Some of the craft emitted very bright lights and at times appeared to be following us.

We suspect that both of our parents may also have been involved; at the very least, both reported having seen UFOs or what we refer to today as extraterrestrial or alien appearing craft. Our mother actually drew a picture of the craft she saw and showed it to us when she was hospitalized for a potentially life-threatening condition. It was not until that moment that we ever knew she had witnessed such an event. Our mother kept silent for many, many years about what she saw because she did not want to be committed to what she referred to as a “psycho ward.” I believe she probably made the correct decision for the time and location she was living. Fortunately, our culture has changed and we now feel a bit more comfortable about sharing our experiences.

When we were young girls, we experienced what has come to be known as “missing time” while we were playing near our favorite lake. Not having realized how long we had been gone, our parents were quite worried and distressed when we finally returned home. We were scolded because our parents feared we had been bitten by a snake. When Elizabeth looked down at her ankle, she noticed a bloody area on it and thought she had indeed been bitten by a snake, although she did not remember seeing a snake. It was a very frightening experience for our whole family.

As we grew, it became apparent to both of us that Elizabeth was exhibiting psychic abilities, in that prior to a tragedy occurring, she would describe feeling or sensing a “dark cloud” over her. Her latest occurrence with this phenomenon involved a relative dying and Elizabeth already knowing about the death. It is quite distressing to Elizabeth to experience this, even after all of the years it has been occurring. Paranormal activity appears to also be the norm for Elizabeth. This article continues with some of the unusual abduction related events that Elizabeth feels comfortable sharing at this point in her life.


ET Seen in Chalkboard at SchoolWhen I was about eight years old, I saw a Being in the woods and I experienced what is referred to now as missing time. During this experience, my parents were aware that I was missing and became very worried about me. I remember another time while I was at school. I was looking at the chalkboard when I suddenly saw a Being with black, wrinkly skin.

Another experience I had involved a Being who was wearing a hood and had almond shaped, black eyes. During this experience, I felt that I was on another world because I could see the Earth in space down below me. While I was on this unknown world or in this unknown place, I saw other humans around me. I also saw devices that looked like conveyor belts. There was fire or something that looked like fire, and a little girl. I had to pick up the little girl in order to keep her safe from the fire. When I did, I felt as if she were my child.

When I was brought back home, I remember lying on the floor. When I got up the next morning, my doll that I slept with, suddenly appeared to have black, almond shaped eyes. Seeing her face upset me so much that I beat my doll to disfigure her.

HybridsRising.com: Elizabeth-Triangle-UFO-Alien-Abduction.jpgMy experiences continued into my adult years and I remember one very frightening sighting. It occurred on April 2, 1996. I saw a large triangular-shaped craft while I was driving in my pickup truck on a rural highway near a field that had tall trees around it. This craft was larger than a football field and may have actually been as large as two football fields. Despite its large size, the craft was totally silent as it traveled from West to East.

I got out of my truck and as I stood next to it, I watched this enormous triangular shaped craft move overhead. As I did, I saw a domed-shaped structure on the top of the craft. The bottom of the craft had orange lights that emitted orange beams of light from underneath it. I was so scared, I couldn’t move so I just stood next to my truck and watched the craft move silently overhead. The craft was so low, it almost touched the tops of the streetlights. I watched the craft for about 30 seconds to one minute as it moved behind the trees.

Paranormal Activity

I have a difficult time sleeping at night, and many nights I do not sleep at all. I hear “voices” in my house sometimes, and I see balls of fire or balls of light move down the hallway in my home. At times, when I’m the only one home and I go to bed at night, the bathroom light, which I am certain I turned off, comes back on by itself. I will get up and turn it off again, and again, it will come back on by itself. I sometimes see “people” who seem to want me to go with them, but I constantly tell them “no” and to “go away and leave me alone.” One time, I saw one of these Beings peering into my room through the blinds at night and I was terrified. There are times when I feel that no one can know the hell I have been through.

A Striking Anomaly

Kathryn seems to enjoy good health while I have had several major surgeries during my life and I am now battling cancer. Although I am not a scientist involved in twin studies, I know this is an anomaly worth investigating further since both of us were born, raised and lived in the same city, and we remain living in close proximity to one another.

ET Craft with Beings Seen at Windows

This is the picture that my mother drew after she saw the craft. She was afraid to tell anyone for fear that she would be put in a mental institution. She was in the hospital for blood clots in her legs and she saw this craft float by her second or third story window as she was looking out. It was during spring break sometime in the 1970’s. The door on the craft was not seen. She said she drew it there because they, meaning the Beings inside, had to get in and out somehow.

Mother was working on her doctorate, so you could say she was well educated. She had never before seen, heard or read about UFOs. She wasn’t one to believe in such things, but she did see this craft and drew this picture.

HRT addendum: It is not unusual for those who research this subject to receive reports of people being abducted from hospitals, nursing homes or even cruise ships. We also have two reports of Abductee-Experiencers being abducted and taken to an incarceration facility where they were paired up with a specific prisoner for biological purposes, the outcome of which for one Caucasian subject and one African-American prisoner was an African appearing infant which was presented to them at a later date while on board the craft. This infant was created and grown in an incubatorium in the ETs’ environment; where ever that may be.

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