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Project SERPO: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

By Hybrids Rising

SERPO OriginatorsThe SERPO story found part of its origins in Steven Spielberg’s movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Most people remember the end of the movie when the team of ten men and two women wearing red flight suits lined up to get on board the landed spacecraft as part of a prearranged exchange program between the U.S. and Extraterrestrials. In the end, the aliens bypass NASA and the military’s chosen ones and pick the hero-abductee, played by Richard Dreyfuss, who ends up leaving with the aliens.

The genesis of the misconception regarding this particular scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind stems, in part, from Joseph McBride’s 1978 biography of Steven Spielberg. In it, he mentions a letter received by Spielberg from NASA expressing their displeasure and alleged fear with the Third Kind’s script. [1-3]

Quoting Steven Spielberg: “I really found my faith when I heard that the Government was opposed to the film. [Close Encounters] If NASA took the time to write me a 20-page letter, then I knew there must be something happening. I had wanted cooperation from them, but when they read the script they got very angry and felt that it was a film that would be dangerous. I felt they mainly wrote the letter because JAWS convinced so many people around the world that there were sharks in toilets and bathtubs, not just in the oceans and rivers. They were afraid the same kind of epidemic would happen with UFOs.”

Whilst the actual 20 page letter has never been published, we do not doubt the letter exists. However, when and if it does surface, it’s highly unlikely it will mention anything regarding an exchange program between Humans and Extraterrestrials, much less anything about a mythical planet named SERPO, and residing in the Zeta Reticuli star system no less.


Spielbergs NASA Letter Close Encounter of Third Kind


The Small Net

The Internet has become so polluted with the SERPO controversy it’s nearly impossible to locate any bona fide information about the Zeta Reticuli star system without having to sift through the silt of SERPO. How apropos Reticulum or the reticle is Latin for “small net.”

According to ufologist and historian Keith Rowell and others, SERPO is suspected to have originally been a disinformation campaign to cover up a UAV, unmanned aerial vehicle program, or another once secret project. Another logical reason the SERPO myth was initially disseminated on the Internet was for the same reasons much of the other conspiracy nonsense is disseminated: to cover up the truth by diluting and polluting truthful information provided by credible Contact Experiencers and those brave enough to help them and research their cases.

You may be surprised to know that at least two of the people involved in the SERPO scam also brought us the fallacy that “...aliens like strawberry ice cream and listen to Tibetan music.” This disinformation was put out during UFO Coverup? Live! which aired in the U.S. in Fall of 1988, and although highly scripted, it also presented factual information. However, as with most presentations of information surrounding “UFOs” and the Extraterrestrial presence, it also contained disinformation and two shady characters well known to Ufologists: Richard Doty and Robert Michael Collins. They appeared in UFO Coverup? Live! in “shadow” using the aviary code names Falcon and Condor. [4]

There is a high probability there are indeed Humans living on other planets. We suspect this because of the missing foetus reports that have been medically documented and accumulated by abduction researchers across several different countries. We also suspect this from firsthand, oftentimes consciously recalled reports from eyewitnesses who have been introduced to their own children, created in part from their own sperm and ova but are living with Extraterrestrials or Advanced Intelligences. And, in mid-2018, we discover from an Experiencer that this is indeed the case.

Contact Experiencers are indeed presented with their offspring from time to time when ETs deem it necessary. These types of interactions were initially referred to as “baby presentations” but many are no longer baby presentations because those babies have grown up. [5] Many now involve teenage as well as adult Hybrid-Human ETs. Contact Experiencers have been describing these children, teenagers, and now adults, as appearing Alien; alien-human Hybrid and/or completely Human. It is likely they are the Humans who are living elsewhere and it is not on the fabled planet SERPO.

Photographs of “Aliens”


Not only do we have a fictitious SERPO conspiracy storyline infecting ufology, there are also “photographs” to go along with it. This is a classic case of disinformation being fed to the masses. It has nothing to do with acclimating the public to the idea that Extraterrestrials are coming here.

This image was sent to Whitley Strieber in 1996 and others began to float it as a “real” photograph of an extraterrestrial. It was not until nearly 14 years later that professional analysis was done on the image proving it to be a hoax. That’s 14 years of disinformation fed to the public via the Internet. And this is just one photograph.

SERPO Alien Photo


Soon, the image began to be associated on the Internet in relation to the SERPO myth, and some sites still actually have it listed as “evidence” of Extraterrestrials. It is not evidence because it is not a true photograph. It is a Photoshopped rendition of art that is now (as if to cover-up the original version) titled “Alien2©1999” posted at Alien Alley. This was verified by an HR Team Member many years ago with an artist who stated it “was most likely a Photoshopped photograph of my little boy based on my own work done years earlier.” And we can tell you that when we contacted the artist, the “photograph” looked like it did above, and not like it does today or in “1999.” [6]


 ETs by original SERPO Image hoaxer


The original image bearing the copyright “1996-Communion Foundation” was posted to a message board in 2010. This was followed by the French website Archives-Dossiers-Secrets performing photographic analysis on it. This site appears to have the goods on most of the “alien photos” that have been posted to the Internet, including this one.


Project SERPO ET Proven Hoax





SERPO Exposed


One of the first people to publish an in-depth exposé regarding SERPO was someone who was unwittingly swept into the hoax from nearly the beginning. Using the screen name Shawnna, her exposé forced the hand of two individuals involved in publishing the second exposé to reveal what their own investigation determined. Shawnna’s exposé at SERPO.Info is just as revealing as the second exposé which is published at the Reality Uncovered site. Links to both are included because both exposés contain relevant information not only concerning the SERPO hoax, but information applicable to other UFO related hoaxes as well; namely, some of the people behind them are the same, and the tactics they use are almost identical. [7]

In case you have never served in the military or an intelligence service, AFOSI or OSI is an acronym for Air Force Office of Special Investigations, a U.S. federal law enforcement agency that reports directly to Office of Secretary of the Air Force. AFOSI operates worldwide and outside the traditional military chain of command. They are an espionage agency whose purported interest is “protecting the national security of the United States.”

Here then, is the list of the SERPO Perpetrators according to Shawnna and Reality Uncovered, who, like many other people, were swept into the SERPO hoax from the beginning. [7-A]


Richard C. Doty, Air Force OSI, retired; co-author of Exempt from Disclosure; (Doty continues to deny he had any input on this book, which is smart because everything published about alien abductions in Exempt is disinformation, and that should not surprise anyone.)

Here is a write up Dr. Greer sent out in October of 2017 regarding Richard Doty admitting to hoaxed abductions and buying off the media:


Richard Doty Hoaxing Abductions

Other members of the SERPO Perpetrators Club according to Shawnna and the chaps over at Reality Uncovered:

Victor Martinez a.k.a. Victor the Wizard (retired government employee and [as RU states], a convicted felon)

Robert Michael Collins (Air Force OSI, retired; co-author of Exempt from Disclosure. (Everything written about “alien abductions” in this book has been proven to be disinformation.)

Dr. Harold (Hal) E. Puthoff (Director of the CIA-DIA-funded remote viewing company SRI)

Christopher ‘Kit’ Green, M.D. (CIA Analyst, retired)

Douglas and Marilyn Ruben (Lansing, MI based owners of abduct.com)

Bill Ryan (Project Camelot* [changed to Avalon] an alleged whistleblower site that spawned, among other conspiracies, the Corey Goode-Blue Avians-Secret Space Program False narrative)


* Of particular interest is an historical reference regarding the original Project Camelot:

The original Project Camelot was a social science research project of the United States Army that started in 1964 and was cancelled after congressional hearings in 1965. The goal of the project was to assess the causes of conflict between national groups, and to anticipate social breakdown and provide eventual solutions. The proposal caused much controversy among social scientists, many of whom voiced concerns because such a study was in conflict with their professional ethics. As a side note: Other AFOSI / CIA / DIA perpetrated hoaxes as well as attacks on ufologists can be read about in the document entitled UFO Disinformation, by Keith Rowell. [7-B]


SERPO: An Introduction


The following information is not written by the HR Team, but rather, has been excerpted from Just The Facts, Please at Reality Uncovered by two chaps who were drawn into the hoax, who then vetted the information and its sources quite effectively.


“All of the information presented to Victor Martinez and Bill Ryan by ‘Request Anonymous’ [re: SERPO] came in fact from Richard C. Doty. Martinez may have suspected Doty’s involvement, but Bill Ryan knew from the very start that he was getting the SERPO material directly from the former AFOSI security guard. Doty has continuously denied having any involvement in the story, despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary. In addition to Doty, Martinez and Ryan, the behind the scenes ‘Team of Five’ who collaborated extensively on the project is completed by Dr. Christopher ‘Kit’ Green - a former analyst with the CIA, and physicist Dr. Harold (Hal) E. Puthoff.”

“The material to follow will show that SERPO was not a lone-gunman operation, but a collaboration between friends, who between them already had many years experience of scamming the UFO community. This investigation, told in full for the first time, is the precursor to our main report into the Imaginary Intelligence Agency, a group also known under the name Scammers Inc.”

Quoting Bill Ryan [of Project Camelot] from the ninth Reality Uncovered Exposé series:

“The legend of SERPO will be that it was a fabrication of Collins [Robert Michael Collins, author of Exempt From Disclosure] and Rick [Doty], as part of a viral marketing plan to generate buzz and interest for a book. It is this writer’s conclusion that the only ones ‘behind’ Rick Doty, in the creation of this hoaxed information, were Bob [Robert Michael] Collins, and Douglas and Marilyn Ruben [of Abduct.com].” [8]


Three Books and Counting


Secret Journey to Planet SERPO Dosen't ExistThus far, there have been three books published about SERPO – all stating the tale as fact. The first SERPO book was published in 2008 by Jason Burns and Jay Eisma. Coincidentally, in 2012 none other than Bill Ryan along with T. Emerson May published their own book about SERPO. May of 2013 saw the publication of yet another book about SERPO titled Secret Journey to Planet SERPO: A True Story of Interplanetary Travel, by Len Kasten. One of the chapters in this book is written by none other than Victor Martinez; the person who originally mass disseminated the SERPO information on the Internet via his mass email lists.

Martinez has done a good job of covering up who he really is and for whom he works [he claims to be a humble teacher who is retired] but according to the investigations done by Reality Uncovered, their exposé as demonstrated from court documents indicate he has “a past,” which may be the real reason Victor Martinez is “retired.”

Len Kasten, on the other hand, publishes that he has a B.A. from Cornell University; served a term in the Air Force, and became a member of NICAP and eventually the organization’s President. NICAP is said to have been destroyed from within by the intelligence community (CIA). Len Kasten is also a self-taught student of metaphysics and a writer. What is peculiar about Len Kasten’s NICAP claim is the organization does not have him listed anywhere on their website, not even on their (outdated) “Who’s Who in Ufology” page.


The Gift that Keeps on Giving


The events and the people involved in Project SERPO have been investigated and exposed, and the truth vetted on at least two websites SERPO.Info and Reality Uncovered which can only be read at Archive.org / Wayback Machine, as well as here. Be that as it may, as we mentioned above, 2013 brought yet another book touting the SERPO disinformation campaign as “A True Story of Interplanetary Travel.”

One simply has to do a bit of Internet research, understand the chaps who are mentioned on these websites are real people, most with previous connections to either military or civilian intelligence agencies, and wonder what in bloody hell any of these publishing companies must have been thinking to publish this nonsense as non-fiction, i.e. fact.


But Wait – There’s More!

As the SERPO hoax began falling into disarray when the identities of the scammers were revealed, low and behold, another “anonymous” source began spilling their guts on another forum in 2006. That forum was Open Minds and the “new” and more “accurate disclosure” was coming from a group referred to as the T.C. Group telling us all about the real SERPO program in The Seinu Disclosures. You don’t want to miss this one, since it comes from a very reliable source who was in and out of consciousness whilst on a morphine drip. One of the highlights is that there are aliens who are here to “eat humans” so the military-powers-that-be whipped up some horse flesh in a blender for them to rub on their bodies so they could absorb the nutrients. For those who have been around for a while, this should stir up memories of the human body parts in “vats of amber liquid,” compliments of Falcon and Condor from the 1980’s.

“ET handlers” at the U.S. military installation named the aliens they had in captivity “Charlie” and “Lucy.” Quoting from the OM Forum post, The Seinu Disclosures:

“Charlie and Lucy tried to explain that they needed a liquid food source to sustain them. We started out by grinding chicken parts and then blending it with the chicken blood. This made them both ill. We later tried pigs and I believe horses, but eventually found cows suited them the best. Both Lucy and Charlie would rub the blended liquid on their bodies and we could see the liquid being absorbed into their scaly skin. Charlie mentioned the genitals and eyes were a favorite of theirs. (fell asleep).”

Oh yes… “genitals and eyes.”

The mythical Project SERPO culminated just as all the “ex-intel” types envisioned it. The Imaginary Intelligence Agency, aka The Scammers team who created it pulled the wool over the eyes of the public again; made a mockery of ufology again; and a few of them made money in the process. SERPO, like an “Internet Venereal Disease” compliments of U.S. intelligence agencies – is the “gift” that just keeps on giving.


And they’re Still At It…



SERPO Synopsis

SERPO - Part Two

Alien Alley was originally published in 1995 as seen below in this screen shot:



Copyright on Alien Mugshots [from Alien Alley] page below reads: Ernest Fyvie Enterprises which is [today] located in New Zealand. http://www.bizdb.co.nz/company/9429036109067/




[1] Does A Rose By Any Other Name Smell Just As Sweet?

[2] Keith Rowell, MLSc, UFOs and Channelling: A Cautionary Tale

Keith Rowell’s list of PDFs


“When there is enough clutter on the Internet regarding a specific unknown, then it’s fairly certain that nothing will truly be known about that subject unless the person doing the searching knows what to look for in advance. This is the crux and the result of the UFO / UAP disinformation campaign that has been waged by the intelligence community since the first modern day UFO wave occurred in the mid-1940’s.

“There’s not much of a need for tabloids any longer when professional disinformants now use the Internet to reach millions. It’s why the Internet in part fails the public and where it’s easy to see how the UFO / UAP disinformation campaign is still ramping along at full speed. Unless you have come face to face with an ET or have actually walked around inside their craft; it will be nearly impossible for you to discern truth from fiction.

“One well known example of this type of problem lies in the belief that the Greys come from Zeta Reticuli or the idea the Blonde Nordic appearing beings come from a planet orbiting a star in the Pleiades or that an Andromedan Council exists. [1]

“To illustrate this point further, we’re citing an expert scholar with over 40 years of experience in several areas of study including UFO history, including government secrecy; Transpersonal Psychology, Alien Abduction history and Channelling. According to Keith Rowell:

UFOs and channelling are connected tenuously at best, but the connection is there.

Abductees do not tend to become channelers, but they do tend to become more psychic.

Channelers almost always learn their skill independently of any UFO experience, yet they often channel ETs.

Channelled UFO ET information is fascinating, but not particularly relevant to UFO experiences and abduction.

Channelled information should be treated like any other information and be run through the sieve of reason, logic, science, investigative research, etc.

It’s a fascinating field, but be careful out there. [2] ”

Another problem locating bona fide UFO ET information are the hundreds of faked photographs and videos that have made their way onto the Internet. Most of these are posted by people who have never witnessed a real Extraterrestrial craft in our skies. Much information is merely cut and pasted from one website after another, and out of context. Another problem is people who simply act as if they are Experiencers via their websites and blog postings. Many of these people have no firsthand knowledge with what they are writing about or posting; yet, the public flocks to YouTube and wastes hours watching fake videos with images of UFOs and “aliens.” An example of one widely spread hoax is the faked alien “photograph” related to Project SERPO.”

Channelling and The Andromedan Council (we do not promote channelling - this link is only provided as a reference)

Zeta Talk (we do not promote channelling - this link is only provided as a reference)

[3] NASA’s interest in dissuading Spielberg from making Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but no “evidence” of actual 20-page letter.

Heathwood, Gail. Steven Spielberg Cinema Papers, April/June, 1978.

Graham, Robbie and Matthew Alred. Close Encounters with The Pentagon, 2009.

[4] UFO Coverup? Live! which aired in the Fall of 1988, although highly scripted, presented factual information. However, as with most presentations of information surrounding “UFOs” and the Extraterrestrial presence, it also contained disinformation as well as a few shady characters; at least two of which also perpetrated the SERPO hoax. Their names are Richard Doty and Robert Michael Collins who appeared in “shadow” using aviary code names of Falcon and Condor.

Watch the original T.V. program here:

Wikipedia page about UFO Coverup Live!

State Secret Revealed During the 1988 Broadcast of UFO Coverup: Live!

[5] David M. Jacobs, Ph.D. ICAR: International Centre for Abduction Research

Human Hybrid Children

Hybrids Rising's Bibliography

[6] Project SERPO

Hoaxed “Alien Photos”

SERPO at Wikipedia

Solar Warden - coming soon to a solar system near you...

Astronomers, astrophysicists and the Zeta Reticuli star system:

Two Fake ET Photographs


[7] Excerpted from Shawnna’s SERPO Information Exposé website [archived]


SERPO Timeline Threats




[7-A] Image of AFOSI Emblem

OSI: The United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI, or OSI)

See Also: A Slice of Time: How Humanity Ended up on the Wrong Side of Reality, details other once secret projects and the history of the UFO Cover-up

[7-B] Project Camelot

Lowe, George E. “The Camelot Affair.” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: A Journal of Science and Public Affairs, May, 1966, pp. 44-48.

Rowell, Keith. Government Involvement in UFOs

Rowell, Keith. Disinformation: It’s Always Been With Us

Disinformation Never Dies – It Gets Recycled. Project Seinu. More about the disinformation campaign that was(nt) “T.C. Group – The Seinu Disclosures

Check Archive.org for: http://openmindsforum.forumotion.com/t100-tcgroup-the-seinu-disclosures

Dr. Christopher ‘Kit’ Green Check Archive.org http://www.realityuncovered.net/ufology/articles/kitgreen.php

More on "Dr. Green" Check Archive.org




Victor Martinez

Victor Martinez: Former school teacher? There are claims he is a long time “government employee.” One irate forum poster wrote in to say that they were surprised no one has investigated Martinez’s military background.

Check Archive.org for: http://www.theoutpostforum.com/tof/archive/index.php/t-742.html

Victor Martinez Convicted Felon Search – September 2017

Project Serpo - UFO Blog


“The contention that there is a widespread cover-up of UFO information isn't limited to ... via a UFO email list maintained by a convicted criminal, Victor Martinez.”

Reality Uncovered Forums • View topic - OM responds to Victor...

... 313.1(a) of the PENAL Code in the MUNICIPAL Court, EL MONTE Judicial District, County of LOS ANGELES, State of California (Case Number ORH0532401)...


From Shawnna’s SERPO Exposé

“Here is the email from Zep/Tacitus”

“Tacitus was quite mysterious”

“HIS introductory post at OM, April 18, 2006, can be found here”

Tacitus Monroe Exposed SERPO


“Second truth - [according to Shawnna] Tacitus Monroe is Zep Tepi”

[Editor's note: The poster on the forum, not the “Creation God”]

“Zep/Tacitus email with Serpo.info link”

“For an inside look at the Team of 5 - I've uploaded

all of their emails that were obtained by Zep”


Harold Puthoff


Bill Ryan



Richard Doty

Doty Threatens Shawnna Check Archive.org http://realityuncovered.com/expose6.shtml



[8] Reality Uncovered Check Archive.org http://www.realityuncovered.com


[9] SERPO Synopsis from Reality Uncovered

“In the beginning, there was Richard Doty. In November of 2005, ‘Mr.’ Doty emailed Victor Martinez the infamous ‘Anonymous’ email, allegedly written by a DIA ‘insider’. Victor distributed this email to his email list, and the rest is history. The 5000+ Serpo thread on ATS, Bill Ryan’s website, animosity between Bill Ryan and ATS, animosity between Victor and Bill Ryan, animosity between RU and OM forums, allegations of ‘COINTELPRO,’ smear campaigns, and much more. Over the past few months, RU has successfully revealed the evidence showing the following:”

“Richard Doty sent the first ‘Anonymous’ email in November.”

“Richard Doty sent the ‘Paul McGovern’ emails confirming the Serpo material.”

“Bill Ryan, Victor Martinez, Rick Doty, Christopher (Kit) Green, and Harold (Hal) Puthoff took part in the ‘Team of 5’ discussions to help analyze and ‘handle’ incoming releases.”

“Anonymous (Rick Doty) had recommended Greatwaller, a ‘very special friend’ to Victor, to be added to his list.”

“Rick Doty’s claims (in Exempt From Disclosure and in discussions with individuals) to have passed the NM Bar Exam, and subsequent claims of having gone to UNM, were all disproved as lies by RU staff.”

“Rick Doty’s emailed threats against Shawnna and Victor Martinez’s criminal past were revealed.”

“Lucianarchy’s (admin of the pro-Serpo forum) past forays in forum sock puppetry and manipulation was revealed.”

“Lucianarchy’s claim of insider confirmation of Serpo being ‘disclosure’ from Christopher ‘Kit’ Green was disproved. Kit’s assistance in this effort displayed innocence on his part in this hoax.”

“Bill Ryan’s persistent defense of Rick Doty in the face of incontrovertible evidence, and his ‘covering’ for Rick at the Laughlin conference was revealed.”

[10] Shawnna’s Synopsis of the SERPO Posting Debacle

“I had hoped never to have to publish these pages. I began writing all of this for my own edification late last fall. I have held off hoping that Zep and Ryguy at realityuncovered.com would fulfill their multiple promises of providing the truth. Unfortunately, because Brendan Burton seems to enjoy engaging in the drama, I have been forced to publish these today when this post appeared on his forum.”

“Have I made mistakes? Absolutely! Do I have regrets? You bet! Have I learned some valuable Life Lessons? Of course - That’s what this has been all about. And from experience, the most painful lessons are usually the most valuable.”

“I obtained serpo.info in early April 2006 with the intention of exposing Rick Doty as the source of all Serpo releases. Subsequent to that, my work and friendship with Zep and Ryguy [of Reality Uncovered] commenced. My original plans for this site were put on hold because I believed Zep and Ryguy were committed to exposing the truth too. Perhaps they were - in the beginning. To illustrate just how often Zep and/or Ryguy alluded to, or directly said, they were going to expose the truth during the last year - here’s a timeline. ‘Crying wolf’ seems to fit quite well here.”


SERPO Timeline Diagram Original Page from http://www.serpo.info/index.html


[11] Links to the Complete Exposé by Reality Uncovered: AKA: SERPO: The Cliff Notes

For More Information Search Archive.org (The Wayback Machine) for Reality Uncovered Serpo Investigation: http://realityuncovered.com











Images and Alien Abduction Activities of Mantis-Insectoids, Tall Blacks, Greys, Brown Dwarfs, Wrinkled Humanoids, Hybrids and The New Race of Children, The Blues, Tall Whites, Blond-Nordics, Reptilians, Dracos and Amphibians.

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