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Observed ET-Alien Technology: Various Types

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Contact Experiencers ofttimes describe seeing a portal or a vortex opening up in their proximity prior to being “taken,” “pulled” or “transported” to wherever our Extraterrestrial or Advanced Intelligences take them. A more recent account and artistic rendering of one such event is that of artist David Huggins. We have two subjects who experienced similar types of vortexes during the same encounter, but in their own ways, they are also somewhat different. The HR Team suspects the first subject was waiting with an ET or AI on one side of the vortex while the second Experiencer was preparing to travel through the opposite end or perhaps, return to his original point of departure.

“I was with one of the Visitors. She was humanoid, but clearly not human. I saw a large vortex that was round and looked like rings of dark clouds. The Visitor lady seemed to be near me to prevent me from entering at the wrong time or perhaps accidentally entering at all. As I observed the vortex, I noted the closer toward the center of the vortex, the darker the rings of clouds became. As I continued to observe it, at certain times I could see a point of very bright light come through and I told the Visitor, “Look! A bright spark of light is there!” But, the Visitor either would not, or could not express emotion about it and I got the impression it was not a big deal for her to witness such a thing. I continued to look at the light and took it as a hopeful sign there was ‘light’ somewhere, but it may have just been a vortex and the light was on the other side – on the other side from where the Visitor lady and I were standing. I think we were waiting for something. Yes, I’m pretty sure we were waiting for something or someone.”

The second subject describes his vortex as being a “doorway” with a film like cover or opening to it.

“The film appeared to be organic and you had to cut it or slit it open in order to use the vortex.” He described it as a “time travel vortex” and as “a portal.” This Experiencer remembers standing with several people and family members and he was supposed to get them to the other side of the vortex and it was his job to prepare everyone to travel through the vortex. As he looked through his side of the portal, he saw another man on the opposite end cutting through his own side of the portal. He said it felt as if it were a “time tunnel” or something similar. The man on the other end slit open his side of the membrane of the portal’s door – and that, unfortunately, is where the Experiencer’s memory of the event ends.

Mantis ET in VortexA third example comes from a well-known Experiencer named AJ who states, “I was calm and looking out of the window into our back yard. Something from above was creating a lot of wind. I saw something that looked like a large, multicolored, partially opened umbrella floating perpendicular to the house in the middle of our back yard. This colorful space was a portal or a vortex. The area was multicolored and glowed and had an unusual energy associated with it. There was a Being floating through this vortex and I could see his legs, which were a gray color. The wind picked up and it was at this point that I believe I was taken from my home through the multicolored vortex along with the being I witnessed.”

These three examples, as well as those of other Contactees such as David Huggins, suggest phenomena such as vortexes, time tunnels, worm holes and the like, do exist and our Extraterrestrial friends and Advanced Intelligences use them as a means to come to our planet, dimension, and into our homes. These mechanisms for transport are one of the reasons so many people can be quickly “taken,” “pulled” and “transported” to their worlds and craft without many, if any witnesses at all.


The Black Mirror

The following account describes what the HR Team believes is time travel. If it is not Time Travel in the literal sense, this may have been interdimensional travel. In any case, it is reminiscent of some of Jim Sparks’ and others’ time travel encounters.

As other Contact Experiencers were in line to have the technology they are viewing and the procedures on how to use it explained to them, our subject immediately remembers what the device is and how to use it. They quickly walk to the front of the line and request to be the first one in. In the subject’s own words:

“The procedure was to stand in front of a device which appears as a black mirror. Its size is approximately six feet tall and about two to three feet wide. While standing in front of it you have to focus your thoughts very deeply into the black mirror. This involves the part of your brain that is considered the ‘third eye’ or ‘inner control.’ It’s the same part of the brain or mind people use when trying to block severe pain and enter altered states.”

“I focused my mind into the device and once I did this, I could see what was on the other side. Once this was achieved, I could physically move myself through the device into another time or dimension. I went through and immediately found myself on what I knew to be another planet.”

“I saw herd animals that I didn’t recognize and chasing the animals was what seemed like American Indians, but these men didn’t really look like that. They were earlier than that: pre-Indians. They had no guns and I didn’t see any bows and arrows either. Their only weapon was a thing that looked like a whip, but it was made out of a lot of long strands of something. I couldn’t identify it, and the strands were not braided. They were individual strands of something. This was their only weapon. I watched one man raise his ‘whip’ to me and I reached out and felt it. It was soft and although it could sting if you were hit hard enough, I don’t think it would really cause any severe damage.

“While I was observing everything, I was reporting back to my team and our team leader who was on the other side of the black mirror, telling him and my group everything I was seeing. A desert like landscape…. The prehistoric looking animals…. The men with dark reddish tan skin…. I knew I was in another dimension. That’s what I said initially upon entering via the ‘mirror’ – ‘I’m in another dimension!’ ”

“The men dressed similar to American Indians but they had on long pants and didn’t wear shirts. Their pants appeared as light colored leather. Their whips were dark brown. Their skin was very tan with a red tint. I’m not sure any longer about the details of the herd animals. I went through this place and saw all of this quite quickly because we are not to stay too long. This was something I had done before because I knew about the black mirror device and how to use it.”


Transformation Device

We have a report involving a device that is shaped similar to a razor that has a handle and appears similar to what a person would use to shave with except it does not have a blade at the end. Its size is approximately 20 centimetres (9 inches) and it is described as having a brushed metallic exterior. It is held upward and toward the subject. The beings utilizing these devices were described as “tallish” “humanoid” “thin” with “round heads and somewhat large eyes” and behaving “very aggressively.”

There is an alleged procedure or reason for this object’s use and it was described in three parts. The beings make their subjects believe they are helping them and when viewing the object as it is held up toward the subject, they are convinced they will be transformed into royalty or made a superior human being, when in fact it is quite different. In other words, the device makes the Human subjects believe it has miraculous powers.

The first stage is exposure to something; either an agent or to the beings themselves. Once exposed, these beings alter or take the subject’s DNA or blood. The device does not kill the individual, but it does physically transform them. It takes something from the body which these beings apparently require and the subject is then transformed into their species. It was described as “consumption” or at least, that is what one subject reported being told. We take this to mean the bodily fluid or samples these beings take are used in the manner a Human might consume something, but by doing so, it also changes the subject permanently.

On the other side of this coin, is a description of a very similar device by an Experiencer named Danion Kell who had a “very vivid dream.” He described the object he held in his hand as “…a thickened ladies hand held razor minus the blade part.” This device, although quite similar to what is described above, had a completely different function in that when it touched people, “God would speak to them.” He said later during the "very vivid dream" that a woman stole the object from him and he told her the object would no longer work because “man’s greed had influenced it.”

It seems these two objects look very much alike, but they are used very differently. We wonder if this could be technology created by Extraterrestrials or Advanced Intelligences that has a dual purpose and as with most technology, can be helpful or hurtful depending on how it is used and who is using it. There is also, of course, the possibility that one or both of the two subjects who watched or used this device misinterpreted its use.

Time Travel * Interdimensional Travel

The following account is best left intact and for the reader to interpret. It is very telling in the technology it describes and we have no reason to second guess what this individual saw as they apparently had seen this technology before. We believe it describes time travel or interdimensional travel and it very much made us ponder some, but certainly not all, of the MIB reports that involve people who dress oddly and appear completely out of time. Whilst these people in this narrative appeared to be from the past, their technology certainly was not - at least, it was not technology from our past.

“A group of us were together. We were all there for the same reason. We were a group of people, but about 5 to 6 in our group appeared as though they had come from the past – somewhere around the 1940’s or 1950’s. They looked completely out of time. I got the distinct feeling they had travelled from the past somehow. They looked human and almost in black and white as the movies of the 40’s and 50’s, but they were not really ‘black and white.’ ”

“They were demonstrating, and allowing us to see and remember how they travelled. These people from the past looked totally human, just out of time. One got into an apparatus that was lying on the ground and it appeared to be a sarcophagus. There were other sarcophaguses and they looked like alien beings themselves. They were dark blue and black and similar to a gray ET, but more intense and more blue. It was then that I knew: these things – these alien sarcophaguses were technology of some type.”

“One of the people from the past (a man) got inside and it automatically closed up and at the same time, a hose like apparatus went down his throat and for about 5 to 10 seconds, they began to shake violently as if they were dying through asphyxiation. Then it was over and he looked out of the clear visor like front of the ‘alien body’ (sarcophagus) and I could see that his face still looked human but he was inside this apparatus that looked alien. He seemed at peace and alive and awake, but he was now a human inside what looked like a mechanical alien body. Then it went up very fast and into the night sky. Once there, the sky exhibited areas of faint light or energy that was white. There was not much light, but enough to see that something was up there.”

“This procedure was repeated when one of the females from the past got inside one of the ‘alien body’ sarcophaguses. The same thing happened to her. It was almost unbearable to watch because it seemed they were dying and then coming back to life inside the alien machine like body. She went through the same exact thing as the man did before her and then she too, went up, very quickly, into the night sky.”

“This occurred to all of the people who appeared to be from the past. Once they were all up in the night sky, we looked up and saw the energy as they were somehow still up there, but as we watched, I (and probably everyone else) received a telepathic message that they were in another dimension. I guess this is what happened because I was telling others that “we are hearing them from another dimension now…” I seemed to know exactly what was happening and I was afraid – afraid that I would have to go through the same procedure. I didn’t think I could do it – die through suffocation and then come back alive inside an ‘alien body’ again. It was so sickening to watch the procedure. As I was telling others about the process, some of the other abductees got up and tried to leave the area – some of them vomited. I looked at the lady sitting next to me and someone had vomited on her feet a little – the smell was awful – so bad that I almost got sick too. I choked back the feeling and as I did so, one of the beings from the other dimension said,”

‘They cannot deal with what they are seeing….That is why they are sick….their minds cannot handle what they are seeing.’

“I could believe it. It was very traumatic to watch this whole ordeal. It was so real and vivid and I seemed to know what was happening. I knew about this process somehow already. I find this very frightening because it’s like I’ve been through it, but not. I hope not anyway.”

Belting up Whilst aboard an ET Craft

“I was on a very large tube shaped or cigar shaped craft. It was very long and there were many people inside. I was standing whilst holding onto to something to keep my balance. The area I was in was lined with silver, metallic cage-like devices. They were situated throughout the interior of the craft such that its walls were shiny, stainless steel appearing areas that contained people. Each small area had one person inside. The grid like structure was similar to that of a pet carrier, but the interior spaces were larger. People were only inside of these devices whilst the craft was operational because they kept everyone in place and prevented them from falling into the walls and onto the floor. I know not why, but I was standing freely.”

“As I observed the people inside the protective devices, their hair began to float, as one would observe in the space station films. At this point, the craft rotated on its axis and there was a change in gravity inside the ship which explains my having to keep a firm grasp whilst standing. It was at this point, after the change in gravity occurred, the craft landed.”

Engine Room aboard an Extraterrestrial Craft

“I found myself on one of their huge craft that was the size of an entire neighborhood. There was an elevated catwalk I walked upwards onto. Once at the level area, I stood about one-half story above the other people. I looked across the craft about 20 feet from me and saw into a room with a clear wall. It had, among other devices, two large container-like objects. They were domed shaped at the top and I could see through them. Inside was that ‘alien blue’ energy I’ve seen from time to time. As the blue energy moved inside the large domed shaped objects, I saw thousands and thousands of small cylindrical shaped devices. They seemed to be about one inch tall and a half inch in diameter. As the energy increased, the little devices began to vibrate and shake and move closer together. When the energy reached a certain level, the little devices began to float upward and move very close together to one another. When this occurred, I heard a telepathic voice say,

‘Exciting the bots creates lift.’

“It was amazing to witness this. I knew it was a part of their propulsion system and this is how they were able to move their craft. I was seeing at least part of the engine compartment of the enormous craft we on. I was so taken with what I was seeing I turned around to some of the other people around me and told them,

‘You’ve got to watch this – this is the coolest thing you’ll ever see in your life!’

“The ET propulsion system contained little ‘bots’ that were inside small one-inch cylinders and when they were excited they moved upward and merged with each other and created lift.”

“There appeared to be a lot of people or aliens on this craft. It was huge. Some of them were other abductees and some were the aliens and others were hybrids. I looked at two of the hybrids. One was standing about 15 feet away from me and had long, black straight hair. She had a serious to blank look on her face as they do when they are very cautiously observing us. The other hybrid was a male who looked quite similar to the female and he and I were conversing. Then abruptly, they said

‘We have to go now.’ ”

Blanket Cloaking System

“I was outside at night in my backyard, but I knew no one could see me because I was in a different ‘space.’ It’s similar to what the aliens do when they’re here and are invisible, but it’s only because they exist at a higher frequency. I think that’s it. I was moved to a higher frequency while outside and I knew the aliens were right there with me.”

“I looked up and watched dozens and dozens of ships fly at various altitudes all across the sky. I was amazed at the different shapes. They looked like smaller shuttle type ships of various shapes and sizes. I tried to remember the details of each craft. It was an incredible sight.”

“I couldn’t really hear any engine sounds, but I did hear something soft once in a while and I knew they were always there, always flying around in our airspace, but they are cloaked. I wondered what NORAD must think about how little control they have over the situation. They must know these aliens are here in masse and have total control over our airspace, which makes NORAD pretty much a joke. It’s their illusion of control. They can observe and track terrestrial objects, but they can only see the aliens’ craft when they allow them to see them – when they turn off their cloaking mechanism. I don’t understand how it works, but somehow I know it’s like a blanket mechanism – it either covers the entire space around our planet or it controls all of their craft simultaneously. No one can see their craft unless they want them to see them or unless something goes wrong intermittently with the ‘blanket.’ ”

Also related to ET Cloaking Systems is a MUFON report from 2013:

“A husband and wife were sitting near their pool and enjoying the evening. The sky was clear with no clouds and no moonlight. The husband saw the object first. It was moving from south to the northeast. It was a large transparent boomerang shaped wing. The husband could only see the edge of the craft distorting the stars as it moved. It shimmered almost like water and remained visible for about ten seconds.”

Another short description of how this technology appears:

“The ships have a star pattern on them or they emit a star pattern so when you look up at night and see them, they’re sort of there and sort of not there. You can tell they’re real structured objects. It’s like the phrase from 2001: A Space Odyssey...‘It’s full of stars.’ That’s what you see when you look up - a star pattern, but it’s technology and cloaking…camouflage.”


ET Propulsion System Witnessed by Danion Kell

UFO Propulsion SystemThe image on the right depicts an ET Propulsion System that Experiencer Danion Kell was shown whilst aboard a craft with a tall dark and wise being. According to Danion, “The dark Being had me sit in a chair and he placed a helmet on me. I believe this helmet was used to balance my brain waves. I was allowed to view, in detail, a previous life on another planet. This was a place where Nature was studied and experienced to its fullest. I also learned that one of their beliefs is: After death, our connection with nature goes with us, not the study of science.” To read Danion's encounter click here.

During Danion’s tour of the ET ship, he was shown the propulsion system of the craft, which appeared to incorporate Tesla coils as well as a crystal matrix. Notice the inner design structure. We have other Abductee-Experiencers who have been shown similar shaped devices pertaining to ET propulsion systems. Another case involves a UFO type craft employing a similar shaped device and we hope to add an image of it in the future.


ET Propulsion System Witnessed by Melinda Leslie

In the 1980’s Abductee-Experiencer Melinda Leslie had an encounter during which she had the opportunity to see a propulsion system whilst aboard an ET craft. She was able to remember very important details and sketched out what she saw. This is her original drawing:

UFO ET Propulsion System

Years later, a professional technical aerospace artist named Mark McCandlish would interview Melinda Leslie and two other women Abductee-Experiencers and create a technical rendition of what they saw. Their descriptions were presented to McCandlish independent of any knowledge of what McCandlish already had in his possession. He discovered then, the ET propulsion information he had in his possession was the “real deal.” This is one of the technical renditions based on what Melinda Leslie saw:

UFO ET Propulsion

James Allen Higgins, a documentary film maker, would go on to create a video documentary entitled Zero Point Final Cut, detailing the events that led to McCandlish’s final technical version of what is termed an ARV or Alien Reproduction Vehicle. His technical rendering depicts (some say too accurately) a back-engineered alien craft and propulsion system that is said to have been in the possession of the United States military as far back as 1988 when it was revealed in a secret section of a military air show in what was supposed to have been an “off limits hangar.” Sadly, shortly after the film was produced, James Allen Higgins died due to what appears to have been poisoning by heavy metals.

In the video, McCandlish states: “And if I woke up tomorrow on the other side of the veil, I wouldn’t be surprised, I mean, I really wouldn’t…because I know how serious the technology is. I know that it’s real.”


Possible Russian UFO and US's "Hardened Liquid Nickel" UFO

A few years ago, information was shared with the HR Team regarding two ET-alien craft, or ET appearing craft. Both were housed on an alleged secret joint military-ET base in a desert location. We know there are other civilians (experiencers) who are aware of this base because witnesses saw other civilians there. According to the witness we interviewed, the craft obtained from the Russians was of “…a dullish silver-aluminum colour, pitted” and was in “...rougher shape than the craft the ‘U.S. Team.’ ” The sketches are crude, but they provide the general shape and type of ET craft that was seen. This craft appeared to only hold two people.

UFO Retrieved from Russia UAP

A newer, nearly identical craft was also shown to the subject and this particular craft was kept inside the secret hangar. It was in excellent (new) condition and its skin was solid, but appeared as “liquid nickel” or hardened “liquid mercury.” It was reflective as one would view liquid mercury in its natural state which leads us to suspect this craft has a completely reflective surface among other important characteristics. Below is a crude illustration:

ET Alien Craft Back Engineered

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David Huggins is an ordinary man, a father and an artist who majored in art and resides in New York City. In 1951, when he was a young boy in rural Georgia, David was visited and abducted by a group of alien visitors from an unknown dimension. That contact continued over several decades and resulted in the birth of more than sixty hybrid children…and one of the most remarkable stories in all of UFO lore. - The Jersey City Independent

Unfortunately, a recent check showed that the Jersey City Independent website (below) has closed, but here is the link in case anyone wants to search archive.org or the internet for more information:


More information from Jerry Pippin


2018 Update on Large Hadron Collider

“What’s really happening in LHC collisions is that especially excited excitations of a field – the energetic protons – are vibrating together and transferring their energy to adjacent fields, forming new excitations that we see as new particles – such as Higgs bosons....Thinking in fields can also better explain how the Higgs works. Higgs bosons themselves do not give other particles mass by, say, sticking to them in clumps. Instead, the Higgs field interacts with other fields, giving them – and, by extension, their particles – mass.” Source

Why The Public Should Care about the Hadron Collider

“…a key benefit of the search for the Higgs boson – that the World Wide Web was invented not by Steve Jobs or Al Gore, but by physicists doing research in pursuit of the Higgs to make it easier to exchange information with one another.” Source


To watch Zero Point Final Cut, by James Allen Higgins click here.

To understand how this information fits in with other UFO related events, refer to A Slice of Time: How Humanity Ended up on the Wrong Side of Reality. Our timeline documents the other scientists who were silenced (some people believe they were murdered) for their discoveries regarding Zero Point Energy, Anti-Gravitics and similar scientific discoveries. These men are mentioned in James Allens Zero Point Final Cut at approximately the 1 hour 20 minute timeframe. Melinda Leslie and the two other women Abductee-Experiencers are mentioned at approximately the 40 minute timeframe.

James Allen Higgins' toxicology report

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