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Welcome to Hybrids Rising’s Gallery. Some of the craft you will see on this page are Extraterrestrial and others are possibly ours, but are utilizing advanced technology that has been gleaned from a variety of sources: ET Advanced Intelligences, Crash Retrievals, Abductee-Experiencers, and perhaps from certain Extraterrestrials themselves. The accounts and descriptions presented in this gallery and our other galleries are from conscious recall. No hypnosis was used.

Triangle UFO of the Greys - Observed in 1993


USP Grey ET Triangle UFO


In 1993, an AE witnessed this craft hovering over two houses directly behind theirs. A few minutes later, the AE found themselves outside conversing with a short Grey being who described the location of his home planet as being located in the constellation of Ursa Major or the Big Dipper. When one views the Big Dipper from the Northern Hemisphere in the Summer months, the Grey said look for “the star cluster to the right and below” the Big Dipper. The Grey continued by saying, “The one with the triangle to the left and the little stars in between….we’re from that one…the fourth planet from our sun.”

AI, UAP, Greys Home World Star MapWhen the Grey was asked what it was like to live on his planet, he replied sadly, “I don’t know…I’ve never been there. I was born on our ship.”

Researcher Steve Pearse believes he has identified this Grey’s home planet as 20 Leonis Minoris or 20 Leo Minor, a binary star system like Zeta Reticuli; however, this one has a companion that is an old, but active, red dwarf star with high metallurgic properties.

Other information which was revealed was by a Blond ET-Human Hybrid during this same encounter which spoke to the topic of cloning and medical tests and abuses occurring in an underground base where ETs and humans work side by side on technology interfaces and exchanges.

Orb Shaped UAP “UFO” Witnessed in 1991 Identified

UAP Orb UFO Craft Hovering on Military Base

The subject who witnessed this craft hovering just above a military flight line had the opportunity to speak personally with James Goodall. The two were at the Fortean Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1994. Goodall spoke about his area of specialty: Secret Government Bases and The Groom Lake Test Facility. His lecture covered the development of Area 51 from its inception in February 1955 to the then current “land grab” of 1994. James Goodall, at the time, was an internationally known authority on Black Programmes and one of the world’s leading experts on the SR-71 Blackbird, F-117A Stealth Fighter and the Lockheed U-2 spy plane. He was also an author and photographer specializing in military aviation and had six books in print in 1994. Alien-Abduction-James-Goodall-Fortean-Conference.jpgWhen the subject who witnessed a demonstration of this orb craft showed Goodall the illustration they had done, he looked at the witness in amazement and said, “That’s one of ours…” His facial expression and reaction was akin to “How on earth could you have seen that craft?”

The witness of this orb craft was aware they were on a military base with a group of people, but they did not understand why they were there. They strayed away from their group most likely because they saw something which greatly drew their attention and curiosity; that being this orb craft. This craft hovered silently above the flight line and whilst they were observing it, they were certain they were witnessing stealth technology, perhaps of an extraterrestrial nature.

Black Project Orb Shaped ET Propulsion
The pilot was described as wearing a dark green flight suit and a white helmet with a microphone apparatus. The craft not only hovered, but also moved at remarkable speeds similar to many of the extraterrestrial craft the witness had seen prior. Whilst the craft hovered over the witness, there was no sound heard and no wind felt from the orb. After the apparent technical display, the craft disappeared from sight nearly instantaneously, either moving faster than the subject’s eyes could detect or by utilising cloaking technology.


The subject was then approached by two men wearing dark blue suits with dark ties (possible military uniforms). The men were undoubtedly human and were attached to the military base. They questioned the subject as to why they left the group they were supposed to remain with whilst on the base. After the witness told them about the craft they had seen, they were escorted back to another area of the base to rejoin their group. When they approached the group, one of the people said to the witness, quite sternly, “I told you so.” Yes, this craft was operational back in 1991 and probably even earlier than that.

Delta Shaped “UFO” Observed on Consecutive Nights in 1988

V-shaped UAP, UFO, Heel Shaped UFO

The craft pictured above was observed in 1988 on multiple nights by an abductee-experiencer who lived near the Gulf of Mexico during the events referred to as The Gulf Breeze Sightings. This craft’s flight pattern and purpose appeared to be one of reconnoitring as it was described as flying in a large figure-eight pattern high in the night sky. The craft was completely silent and had five dim lights on its underside. The first time the witness observed the craft there were other reports of sightings over the bay upon which they resided. The second time they observed the craft was the same night that 13 “UFOs” were reported over Gulf Breeze, Florida in 1988.


Tri - Spherical “UFO” Flying over Australia in 2006

Orb UAP UFO ET Craft


The craft pictured above is approximately the size of three large automobiles and is constructed in such a manner that it appears to be Tri-spherical. There is a window in the front where the cockpit is located [not pictured] that has a lower profile to allow the pilot a view below the front portion of the craft.

The report we have from an abductee-experiencer who was on board and retained conscious memory said there were three other experiencers aboard. The pilot was described as a female humanoid extraterrestrial with tan skin who had piloted other craft during previous encounters involving the same witness.

At one point, when the subject looked upward, they noted that the top three portions of the craft were windows and they could see outside. They described seeing either a very hard rain or they were in fact travelling underwater. At times, there was so much water and bubbles created by the craft’s momentum, they could not see out of the windows.

Tri Orb Shaped UFO Alien CraftDuring another encounter aboard this type of craft, the subject looked upward and out of one of the windows. They described seeing Earth whilst looking upward and someone aboard the craft stated, “The lights of Peoria are coming up.” It was then when they saw the continent Australia coming into view. Subsequently, they looked down through the lower portion of the craft’s cockpit window, and observed a military jet passing beneath them. The witness’ reaction: “No one with me seemed to think it was of any consequence. The jet passed below the craft we were in without incident.”


Disc “UFO” with Energy-Propulsion Observed in 1989


UAP Disc UFO ET Propulsion Energy


The craft pictured above was seen either from a space hub or whilst the subject was aboard a much larger craft. The witness believed this craft and several others were leaving and/or docking with, and actually entering the much larger craft. Due to the description of these events and the size a location had to have been to accommodate these craft, the HR Team suspects this must have taken place on our moon or on another planet’s moon in our own solar system.

The orbs underneath this craft show translucent energy swirling within that are a bright yellow and white colour, mixed with a soft turquoise colour. This craft was seen in conjunction with other shapes; a classic “saucer” shape with yellow lights rotating around its midsection; another craft that was in process of transforming, i.e., morphing its shape, and a Delta formation of craft pictured below.

Five “UFOs” Flying in Delta Formation in 1989


5 UFOs UAP in V-Formation


This formation of five craft flying in a Delta formation occurred in 1989 whilst two abductee-experiencers were driving down a familiar stretch of a highway. They stopped and observed another car with a woman inside who appeared to be in a state of shock. There was a camera on the car seat next to the woman and one of the subjects asked the woman if they could use it and they then attempted to photograph this formation. They were abducted immediately following this and the witnesses were taken to a place where they were told “the government” and “the aliens” are “working together.” They observed their vehicle inside a large hangar. There were different devices hooked up to their vehicle including many wires attached to the engine as well as a large metallic cylinder having apparently been placed (or hovering) over the middle of the engine. One witness reported that this group of humans and extraterrestrials took not only the car, but the other woman’s camera. They were returned with their car, but without the camera and of course, any photographs that had been taken.

Alien Abductee UFO Shuttle Craft

These craft are unusual and previous reports of them are not known to the HR Team. The witness describes the front portion of the craft as black with red pontoons of some sort. The main fuselage is silver and this is believed to be where any “abducted” or passenger occupants would be seated. There is a suspected navigation area in the rear of the craft with the cockpit or energy source located in the front, black portion of the craft. This portion of the fuselage is believed to be shielded.


Cigar Shaped UFO Base here on Earth (1992)


Cigar UFO Base


The Greys and their related Hybrids have been seen in conjunction with craft described as cigar shaped, tube shaped and triangle shaped. These craft have been seen in deep space as well as on Earth and even landing on our oceans and travelling great depths into our oceans.

The smaller cigar shaped craft are the types seen nearer or on Earth. The cigar craft in the image above are approximately 6 meters (20 feet) wide and 15 meters (50 feet) long. They have a panel construction that is perfectly uniform and very smooth. No rivets or any construction devices are noted. The interiors are very clean and Eurostyle in appearance. They have seats and at least one report indicates they have a table like object on one side of the wall. Some of the seats are aligned as in a city bus whilst others face inward. The interiors are not open throughout all craft, but some have large sections that are open and the seating is similar to that of a jumbo jet airliner, but without the typical isles.

These craft, as all others of Extraterrestrial design, can fly at incredibly fast speeds. Whilst inside, some subjects report feeling G forces and with their elongated design, it seems impossible they do not “break in half” due to the speeds at which they travel.

The image above was recreated from a case during which the Abductee-Experiencer and others were taken to what they referred to as “a base on this planet.” Much of what the subject witnessed seemed quite terrestrial in appearance: Two large aircraft hangars, a Human military presence with military uniforms, and a body of water nearby with a concrete bulkhead. These types of reports lead us to suspect there is an ET Presence on Earth and supports the theory that a Human faction is closely involved in working with certain Extraterrestrials. Click here to view close-up of craft.


Extraterrestrial Reconnaissance Craft

This is another rare depiction of a type of craft we believe to be an extraterrestrial reconnaissance probe that was launched from a much larger craft. This craft was piloted by what the HR Team refers to as a race called Brown Dwarfs, and at least one humanoid hybrid was seen alongside a being of this race.

UFO UAP Drone ET Craft

This craft is estimated to be approximately 15 meters (50 feet) by 21 meters (70 feet) excluding the antennae. These two images depict the craft hovering approximately 18 meters (60 feet) above the ground as measured by comparing its height with a nearby tree.

Actual Flight Path

UFO UAP Alien Probe Craft

The craft landed in a field approximately 100 acres in size. Once on the ground, a few people emerged from the craft including Africans, African Americans, Caucasians and Asiatic Indians. The subject stated that most of the “passengers” appeared to be walking or standing around in a daze and appeared confused.

Brown Dwarf ETThe Brown Dwarf telepathically communicated with the witness and revealed a distressed infant she held under her garment and close to her chest. She told the subject they were searching for particular types of DNA in order to save the infant (and perhaps many others of their species in a similar physical state). The subject observed the infant was in a “dire” physical state and was not certain if it would survive. All of the occupants of the craft who were apparently taken from different geographic locations were said to have been aboard to have their DNA tested and used in order to save or help this species.


Distorted Bell UFO

UAP Bell Shaped UFO


The craft above was described as extremely sleek, silver in colour, and shaped as a distorted bell. The witness watched this craft through a window inside their home at a position approximately 27 meters (90 feet) away from the craft. They saw plumes of gaseous air being emitted from the bottom of the craft that was powerful enough to force leaves and grass upward and then downward and then back upward into the air. The force which was emitted was described as similar to that of a jet engine, but the subject did not hear any sound associated with it. The subject was then abducted by small Greys with white skin wearing white bodysuits. They recalled memories of events and fell ill for three days following this sighting.


NS/2059 Stealth Helicopter Witnessed in 1997


UH 80 Ghost Hawk NS/2059 Stealth Helicopter


This helicopter was witnessed by a Contact Experiencer (and MILAB) in 1997 in a desert location in what the witness believed to be the United States. The craft was first seen in the night sky and the subject watched as it descended only feet away from them and their companions who were unknown, but appeared human. The craft then hovered approximately one meter above a concrete pad. The rotation of each of the four blades, eight blades in total, were exactly placed and rotated in such a manner as to prohibit them from touching. It’s also possible that due to the rotation of the blades, it only appeared to have 8 blades.

The craft was a dull black colour and had been designated with the identification code NS/2059 which was visible on the tail of the craft. The subject stated the numbers would not have been visible unless viewed from close proximity to the helicopter and appeared to be vinyl or something similar. The witness said the craft had a panel construction, but they were not able to see any rivets and the surface of the craft was extremely smooth. There were no windows on the craft. Inside there was a control centre with large displays. The highest portion of the fuselage was 4.5 - 5.5m long (15 to 18 feet) and the door at the rear was approximately 1.5m high (5 feet). The overall length of the craft was about ~12m long (40 feet).

The only reason the witness saw the door was because they saw a man come out of the aircraft. The man was wearing green camouflage gear and a dark green helmet with what appeared to be black netting on the helmet. This was the dress for military and CIA personnel engaged in special operations and black-ops.

NS-2059 Stealth HelicopterCoaxial compound helicopters have been around for decades and their blade configuration is aligned atop each blade, not offset as this image shows. It is possible that the witness actually saw two sets of blades that were in fact aligned in this manner which might explain the unusual blade configuration from their unique perspective. No helicopter with this level of sophistication had been made public in 1997, so this was either a stealth helicopter that was being used for black-ops missions or an extraterrestrial craft designed to look like a helicopter. We believe this is a stealth helicopter, perhaps enhanced using back engineered extraterrestrial technology. Not so far-fetched of an idea when you consider that as far back as the 1950’s experiencers (alien abductees) reported seeing humans - normally wearing military or medical attire - and extraterrestrials, working in cooperation with one another.


In this photograph, allegedly released in 2013, the helicopter is not really airborne. It is a computer generated image.

Since our witness’s NS/2059 helicopter was seen in 1997, an important question to ask is: If helicopters of this type are in use by any country or their militaries, could they be flown – as well as hover – in complete silence from a distance of only two meters? Can the helicopters similar to this design today be flown in total silence?

Our answer is “probably not,” unless they are using antigravity propulsion or another type of exotic technology, and the rotor blades are merely for show.


NS/2059 - Why It’s Important

The letters “NS” are a common abbreviation for Naval Station, which would seem to apply for a craft such as this even though this craft was seen in a desert location with only a small, white building nearby. It is a known fact that the U.S. Navy operates in several non-sea or “dry” locations. It was hypothesized by the witness that the small one level building in their proximity may have been the entrance to an underground facility which is a secret U.S. installation. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for them) the witness could not remember where they were when they observed this craft other than outside at night in a desert locale in the United States.

The Acronym “NS”

Other meanings for the acronym “NS” which may bear out a relationship to the craft are: National Security, Naval Sheltered, Navy Seals, Non Status, Not Specified, Nuclear Ship, Nuclear Shuttle, National Status, Navigation School, Night Search and Neptune Spear.

A few months after the encounter occurred, the witness conducted an Internet search on the craft’s designation or call letters and the results were published for a time on the Internet. In addition to the list of references which came up during the Internet search, a map designation for NS/2059 was also located. It is in the same vicinity of a defunct military base in Canada called Fort Debert. This is most likely due to the fact that the map abbreviation for NS in Canada is a designation for Nova Scotia so we doubt there is any relationship between that base and this helicopter.

The Internet obtained list that was retrieved was removed from the Internet many years ago; in fact, it disappeared almost immediately after it was downloaded by the witness. These results are available today only due to the fact they were printed out as soon as they were discovered the same year as the experience took place, in 1997, and were scanned into electronic format for preservation.

We might rightly ask: What if the witness was taken or abducted by Advanced Intelligences and this craft was merely a camouflage trick via screen imagery so they would remember seeing a terrestrial helicopter rather than an Extraterrestrial craft? After reading the search results for the identification number on the tail of the craft, you will agree that this hypothesis does not appear to stand.


Related Documents

Why did the helicopter and its identification letters or call numbers reveal such a terrestrial and militaristic link? The exact call numbers, including the forward slash, NS/2059 appeared in the 50 documents cited on the pages below. Click on each image to enlarge.

NS/2059 Citations  INS/2059 Citations II NS/2059 Citations III NS/2059 Citations IV


A Matter of Perspective

It appears that “black budget” technology which MILAB Abductees reported decades ago is being made public. One example is the UH-80 which references the tail letters “NS” in our stealth helicopter pictured above, but in this case it refers to Operation Neptune Spear, during which Osama Bin Laden was killed.




In a similar release, “Most Advanced Future Helicopter Technology Concepts” are displayed in this video.


Most Advanced Future Helicopter


If our NS/2059 Helicopter were merely stretched, it would appear quite similar to the current “Most Advanced Future Helicopter” used in operation Neptune Spear.


UH 80 NS/2059 Stealth Helicopter seen in 1997



The [stretched] Stealth Helicopter seen in 1997




UH 80 Ghost Hawk Stealth


The UH-80 Ghost Hawk







The tail section of the stealth helicopter used in Operation Neptune Spear.







Five-Year Pacification Ploy

From the reports associated with the images in this gallery as well as other reports from abductees, experiencers and especially MILABs, some of these craft are indeed extraterrestrial, but at least one pictured here is not. That craft is the NS/2059 stealth helicopter, known today as the UH-80 Ghost Hawk (with several modifications).

We have also deduced that those in control of revealing the ET presence on Earth periodically reevaluate if or when it’s time to make a formal announcement to the public. This non-decision making process appears to occur approximately every five years. We believe this is a pacification ploy designed to keep moving the target date back so that Disclosure remains on the cusp, yet never arrives. This ploy was used again in 2015 when NASA representatives exclaimed “proof of aliens is coming in 20 years.” Proof is always coming, but it never seems to actually arrive... or maybe it has?

Gary McKinnon and Solar Warden


Solar Warden by Agent K-GaryMcKinnon


The image above is Agent K’s original art based on Gary McKinnon’s description of the craft he saw during one of his hacks into U.S. Government computers. If we understand the story correctly, the secret space program or SSP is code named “Solar Warden.” This has nothing to do with the Corey Goode (alleged fraudster) and his SSP, but rather, the real SSP we all know is out there. Since several abductee-experiencers have described similar craft such as these, we have to assume that if they are owned and operated by the USSF (United States Space Force) they are probably kept out of view from the peering eyes of astronomers by keeping them in orbit behind the dark side of our moon or via cloaking technologies.


“There are rumors that [Gary McKinnon] has talked about the names of two of the ships he saw on the transfer logs, the names of the ships being the USSS LeMay and the USSS Hillenkoetter. Typically Navy ship names just have two S’, an acronym for United States Ship, however there are three S’ here, presumably standing for United States Space Ship. The names of the ships are also significant.”

“He [Gary McKinnon] snooped around all the Forts - Fort Meade, Fort Benning, etc., reading internal court martial reports of soldiers getting imprisoned for rape and murder and drug abuse. At the Johnson Space Centre he spied on photographs of cigar-shaped objects that might have been UFOs but – he says – were probably satellites. [We doubt they were satellites] ‘You end up lusting after more and more complex security measures,’ he says. ‘It was like a game. I loved computer games. I still do. It was like a real game. It was addictive. Hugely addictive.’ ” Source

Gary McKinnon Speaks at MUFON Symposium via Skype

At 22:50 he begins talking about his interests in “UFOs


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