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A Cautionary Tale

[Fake News - It's Been Around Longer Than you Realize]

By Stephen Bassett

 Stephen Bassett, Exec. Director PRG and Hollywood Disclosure Alliance

Generoso Pope, Jr. (1927-1988) was a highly intelligent man who studied at the Horace Mann School and graduated from MIT at 19.  He was the son of an Italian-American newspaper magnate and took over the management of his father’s newspapers in 1948.

In mid-1950, three years after the events at Roswell, NM, Generoso Pope, Jr. began a year with the psychological warfare section of the CIA. He was 24 years of age. His father had recently passed that April.

In 1952, the year of the famous July sightings over the nation’s capitol - Mr. Pope bought the New York Enquirer for $75,000 (about $700,000 in 2013 dollars).
Generoso Pope, Jr. photoIn 1954, a year after the Robertson Panel delivered its report to President Eisenhower, Pope, Jr. converted the newspaper to a tabloid and renamed it The National Enquirer.
From 1954 to 1966 The National Enquirer sold only on newsstands and in drugstores and focused on sex, violence and other salacious material. Its circulation increased to 1 million.
In 1967, at a time when the U.S. government was initiating a complex process to rid itself of the public’s irritating interest in the UFO phenomenon, Pope, Jr. revamped The National Enquirer, moved aggressively to place it in grocery stores across the country, and added frequent UFO stories to the content. Photos and graphics promoting questionable UFO stories were featured on the covers of the tabloid and seen millions of times by U. S. citizens.
In 1979, shortly after Stanton Friedman met and began researching the testimony of retired army intelligence officer Major Jesse Marcel, Jr., Pope, Jr. launched the Weekly World News in all the grocery stores carrying The National Enquirer. For the next 28 years Americans going to buy groceries were treated to the likes of these stories:

Fake News Has Always Been wtih UsThe Weekly World News became a legend for making everything up while posing as tabloid news. From 1979 through the end of the Cold War, the Clinton Administration, and well into the Bush administration the Weekly World News sat next to The National Enquirer taking over the ET disinformation heavy lifting. While not all Americans have a degree in quantum mechanics, or for that matter finished high school, in time few did not know the Weekly World News was simply nonsense.
It closed down in 2007 and went to live as parody on the Internet. Pope, Jr. died in 1988 a multi-millionaire having served his country well, or at least the CIA well. The Truth Embargo had made it through the Cold War intact. The disinformation division of the Truth Embargo moved on to the Internet working under different parameters. How many websites the CIA and other agencies control may never be known. 
The Truth Embargo has lasted because, like the Pyramids of Giza, it is built with thousands of well crafted blocks that fit tightly together. It is a master work that will soon be as inert as those pyramids. This is because, unlike newspapers in racks at checkout counters, the Internet provides the citizen receiver as much power as it provides the disinformer. It is self cleansing with a living immune system to counter the manipulations of the State.
When the Truth Embargo does end with Disclosure, the public will have many decisions to make, not the least of which is, “Do we want this to ever happen again?”
Stephen Bassett
PRG Executive Director
January 28, 2014


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Dolan, Richard M. and Bryce Zabel. A.D. After Disclosure: The People’s Guide to Life After Contact. Rochester, NY, Keyhole Publishing Company, 2010.

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A Cautionary Tale


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