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HQ Battery 517, Panama: 1965

Mass Alien Abduction of Military Personnel

by EJM

Armed Forces Radio Service: Army Navy Air Force Patch

I was born in New Jersey and received my engineering degree from Rutgers University in Newark. I am married and have one son, a daughter in-law, and two granddaughters. During my military career I worked in the Army’s Air Defense Division, Armed Forces Radio and Television Broadcasting, as well as electronics and communications. My military career took me to such countries as Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Germany, Belgium, Austria, and Italy. I retired from the military in 1984, and worked for a large aerospace company in the northwest for a number of years. I now own and operate ECS Video Production in Stanwood, Washington.

If you have had an Alien experience, then you can identify with what I am about to tell you. If you have not had an experience involving ETs then I ask that you keep an open mind and don’t rule out anything until you search deep within yourself. By studying this subject you will open up that part of your subconscious mind that will allow you to understand things that you would not, or could not ordinarily understand.

I’ve been involved with extraterrestrials or ETs for as far back as I can remember. I was raised under the traditional African-American cultural and religious belief system. During my childhood, I was not to talk about these kinds of things. I was told that what I was experiencing was the devil haunting me for being a bad kid. Paranormal activity occurred throughout my childhood and the ETs kept coming. I didn’t know what was going on and it was devastating for me. All of these strange things were going on around me and I had no control over them. There was no one that I could talk to who would not ridicule me. I was under a lot of stress and pressure.
I retained conscious memory of an abduction that occurred when I was eight years old.

This was followed by a dramatic encounter experience when I was sixteen years old. Although I don’t remember traveling to it, the ETs took me on board their ship. The first thing I was aware of was being in a large room that was shaped like a dome; it seemed to have no walls, ceiling, or doors. I was then escorted by a hybrid-like humanoid to another room that looked kind of clinical. This is where the ETs conducted tests and various experiments on me.

When I became a young man I began to question things. I began to put the events of my childhood into some kind of limited perspective. As I grew older, I realized there was more to this thing than I could allow myself to believe.

My experiences continued even while I was in the military. In 1965, I was stationed in Panama with the Army Air Defense Artillery Battalion (HQ Battery 517). I was a ground aircraft observer and it was my job to look for aircraft that made it through the radar network and call them in. I remember a particular three-day period during which some extraordinary events occurred.

The First Day

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My unit observed two craft pass over our heads at about 300 feet above the ground. Our radio equipment stopped functioning and we could not communicate for two hours. The craft also made our hair stand straight up and made our bodies feel very warm. Afterward, each time we would touch a metallic object we would receive an electrical shock.

Later in the day we thought we saw a cargo ship, but it turned out to be something else entirely. It was another craft and it had landed. We then experienced the phenomenon of “missing time.”

The Second Day

One morning after breakfast I was with my unit on the beach. We were getting ready to fire our missiles at a remote control target. One of the men looked up and pointed to something in the sky. We all looked up to see a silver object that appeared to be the size of a baseball. We watched as it got larger and larger until we could see that it was a craft. This craft landed approximately four to five hundred feet down the beach.

While we were all looking at the craft, seven Beings appeared out of nowhere. They were just suddenly there, walking among us and looking us up and down as if they were conducting an inspection. The whole time they were walking around us we were mesmerized. The main thing I remember about the Beings was that they smelled like sulfur. Just as suddenly as the Beings appeared, they disappeared. Then suddenly, their craft became engulfed in a gold mist, shot straight up in the air like a rocket, and disappeared.

The Third Day

I was outside with some other soldiers and I looked out over a nearby peninsula and saw something I hadn’t noticed before. It appeared to be a house over or near the ocean. It looked like a house that was all lit up. I told a man standing near me, but when I looked at it again it disappeared.

Over the years I have remembered so many things that have happened to me that I could literally write a book. I hope these few highlights give you some idea of the types of experiences I’ve had. Remembering my experiences has changed my priorities and my outlook on life dramatically. I know I speak for many people who have met with the ETs when I say that once your life takes a shift like this, there is no turning back.

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