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Greys Walking Through WallAfter a telepathic exchange between a Contact Experiencer and what is ofttimes referred to as a Tall Grey with light tan skin, the subject was left feeling hopeful “as if he loved us and cared for us…” The being told the subject, “…you can choose to experience this phenomenon in one of two ways: fearful and negative or hopeful and positive.” You can choose to be a victim or you can choose to be a participant: learn, and teach others of their potential. The being implied that whatever way one wished to experience it, was how it would be for that person. Perhaps it is the old adage: Thoughts are Things.

The subject then witnessed something they stated they found incredible. Indeed, anyone would find this incredible and we believe this was clearly done as a demonstration solely for the witness. When it was time for the Grey to leave, the being walked up to a wall that had a closed window in it. Due to his tall stature, he had to bend down a bit. He then made his body fit the size of the window and, miraculously, melded with the glass in the window for a brief moment. At that instant, the subject saw that the being literally became a solid piece with the glass in the window. The subject stated, “I could see him and something yellow and possibly blue. For an instant, they were both solid, and then he appeared to press his body through the window and he passed right through it.”


Diplomat Tall Grey ET

It appears this particular type of being, and perhaps all of their species, is capable of manipulating both their own bodies as well as solid matter at the molecular level without any ill effects biologically or materialistically. We have many, many reports of people stating they were floated through walls, ceilings and closed windows and it is clear, in this case, the being was providing the subject with a demonstration of how they accomplish this. We may not understand the physics behind it yet, but it is clear they have either mastered this level of technology or this is a component of their physical existence and perhaps –  just perhaps – this level of existence is possible for all of us.



Grey Through Wall Art Courtesy of and Copyrighted by Eugenius

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You Can Choose
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