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Ed and Frances Walters’ Book Notes

Summary of The Gulf Breeze Sightings

By Hybrids Rising

With Contributions by Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D.

Ed Walters UFO Craft“On November 11, 1987 Ed Walters, a successful builder and contractor in Gulf Breeze, Florida, noticed an unusual glow behind the 32 foot pine tree in his yard. He stepped outside to what seemed like a scene from a Spielberg movie. Except it was real. Hovering overhead in eerie silence was a large, glowing, bluish gray craft. Ed stared in disbelief and ran for his Polaroid camera. Knees trembling, he moved quickly, aiming his camera at the pulsing, throbbing mass of energy. Bang! Something hit him. He couldn’t move. Encompassed in a blue light beam, he was lifted from the ground. Rapid visions. Strange voices. No air. Panic. Then nothing. He was back on the ground. The blue light was gone. The craft had disappeared. But Ed had the pictures.”

“In the weeks that followed, additional sightings were shared by Ed’s wife and family and corroborated by hundreds of residents in the Gulf Breeze area. The amazingly clear, close-up photographs presented in the subsequent book, The Gulf Breeze UFO Sightings were authenticated by professional photographic analysts, including an optical physicist with the U.S. Navy, and by top technical experts with the Polaroid Corporation. Together with Ed and Frances Walters’ riveting firsthand account, they provide the most stunning and persuasive UFO evidence to date.” [1]

The Shielded Being


Walter's Shielded Being



“On December 2nd, 1987 at three o’clock in the morning, Ed Walters heard some strange voices speaking Spanish. Thirty minutes later his dog started barking and he went to check the porch. When he pulled the blind back, he saw a 4-foot tall being with large almond shaped eyes looking at him. The being wore some type of shield over its head, chest, and lower body and was holding a lighted rod in its right hand. The being then turned around and ran towards a nearby open field.” [2]




ET UFO Blue Beam“As Ed chased the being, he was struck by a blue beam of light which made him unable to move his legs and he fell to the ground. Ed felt the blue beam was holding him down somehow. When Ed was finally able to move again, he ran back to his house and grabbed his camera and photographed a large bowl-shaped craft with darkened portholes and an illuminated orange ring on the bottom, he could also see the beam of blue light shining down on the ground.”




Another Shielded Being

Shielded Uniformed ET Humanoid

In another related case, and during he same timeframe Ed and his family were having their sightings, a taller shielded being appeared near an abductee’s home late one night. The subject stated the being was near a “white car shaped craft” that was sitting in the man’s [rather spacious] driveway. The craft appeared only large enough to hold one or two people. This incident occurred approximately 45 miles from Gulf Breeze, Florida and during the same time frame Ed Walter’s encounters were occurring.

Ed Walters underwent psychological testing followed by regressive hypnosis. Ed and the forensic psychologist who worked with him would uncover many of the now familiar types of beings performing experiments and medical procedures on him. Two of those beings are represented here, as described by Ed Walters to members of TOR, The Object Report Team.





Early Stage Hybrid

The image below depicts a Grey, early stage Hybrid wearing a sheer veil over its head and face and a light purple gown like dress to soften his/her appearance whilst performing a medical procedure. Many of the beings wear garments for the specific purpose of attempting to make themselves appear less “alien” to their Abductee-Experiencer subjects.


Hybrid Grey Extraterrestrial


The image below is of a Hybrid female performing a procedure on Ed Walters using light / energy beaming technology; most likely affecting his brain’s memory pathways. As one can obviously see from the image, these types of procedures are not without their share of discomfort.

Probable “Memory Management” Procedure

Hybrid Grey with Ed Walters



UPDATE: Harvard Scientists Make Case for Aliens Walking Among Us, The Cryptoterrestrial Hypothesis

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IMAGE Credits: Hybrids Rising Team Members, The Hybrids Project Team Other links to open source images can be found in the Sources below.

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Robert Morningstar and Bruce MaccabeeWalters, Ed and Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D. UFOs are Real...Here’s The Proof! An Analysis of three dozen sightings, from in and around Gulf Breeze, by witnesses other than Ed Walters. Avon Books, 1997.

Image: Robert Morningstar and Dr. Bruce Maccabee

[2] Walters, Ed and Frances. The Gulf Breeze Sightings: The Most Astounding Multiple Sightings of UFOs in U.S. History. William Morrow and Company, Inc. New York, 1990.

[3] Dr. Bruce Maccabee’s website:

http://brumac.8k.com/GulfBreeze/JBLACK/BlackInterviewJul03.html - Dr. Maccabee's new site is: http://brumac.mysite.com

[4] Gulf Breeze: An Insider’s Perspective - Revived 2017

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This Ends
 Summary of The Gulf Breeze Sightings
By Hybrids Rising
With Contributions by Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D.

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