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Excerpts from
My Own Experience with Transformation and Caution
in my Close Encounters

By Harold Egeln

Harold EgelnThey, these visitors from the nebulous beyond, come to me in peace but I have no illusions about their presence in my life since the 1940’s. I am not their ambassador, slave, spokesperson, or minion, and am not, as far as I can tell, one of them in a voluntary off-world soul incarnation using a human body as a spacesuit for a mission. As I have learned from their presence and effects, I feel more at home with their apparent “culture” than to the ways of humanity on planet Earth, with its blood spilled on roses in endless war, conflict, competition, violence, hatred and irrationality.

From my tiny corner of the world living an unremarkable life, I, as a longtime professional journalist and peace worker, am merely a reporter from the horizon of human-UFO occupant contact, and am using the best means and forums (our S.P.A.C.E.Group and websites) available to convey the experiences on and over that cosmic horizon that I and countless others experience, in a search for knowledge and truth.

I truly felt, since childhood, as a “stranger in a stranger land,” my inner depths churning constantly with creativity, curiosity, compassion, sharing, imagination, empathy, love and libido, much of it thwarted by my homeliness, goals derailed, lack of charisma, and a life of honest hard work that has had no rewards, personally or monetarily, living within the territorial borders of concentrated imperial wealth and power, a 21st century Big Brother.

I have taken stands and actions of conscience when and where necessary. I have been expelled from eighth grade for my offense of reporting my two UFO sightings. I was expelled from the Army for refusing orders for basic military training and my stand and actions against the culture of war.

I have been fired from three jobs, all at Christmas times, for my peace actions: one, for not placing war toys in a store’s Christmas window display and in the children’s toy department (I was a department floor manager working my way through college); two, my boss was furious when discovering that I was a conscientious objector in the Army; and three, by a peace organization’s leaders for my gentle and quiet approach to my work based on a work ethic of cooperation and not on competition and exercising authority, and, ironically, for being an antiwar activist in the Army, which made no sense to me.

I was a co-creator with my young 1960’s generation of the counterculture that swept the land, and remains within that ethos of human revolution, embedded within the world’s turmoil and tribal warfare, committed to nonviolence and kindness. With this explained, the context of otherworldly visitors in my life has been lived mostly on the edges of the skin of my existence. Until I plunged into forming S.P.A.C.E.

The experience has not transformed my life but has confirmed my deep identity, as one of countless children of the universe, as we all truly are, star-stuff imbued with this animation of matter, at its most fundamental level energy at work and play (soul? spirit? mental mind-brain neural interplay?), which we call life, consciousness, self-awareness and choice-making, en route to an indeterminate Omega Point.

The joyful task of creating the new S.P.A.C.E. website, an experience that does not matter to most of our site visitors (and may have been a waste of my time and space, as most things in my life), as a visible expression of our experiences, information gathering and new ways of knowing, has been an act of transforming the information we lost with the demise of our original S.P.A.C.E. websites hosted by web-TV into a new form and format that may not please nor interest a large segment of the UFO topic and experience community. And so it goes, as Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. would say.

No chemtrails, conspiracy theories, ancient aliens from Planet X, arguments with other researchers, or disclosure calls here. They do have their places and champions. Each close encounter witness is a page in an immense chronicle of UFO occupant contact, constituting a counterculture of true disclosure, a Cinerama of Contact. We are the bearers of the news, willingly or not, of that contact.

The End of Contact and Becoming a Messenger

My close encounter experiences have apparently ended, not by choice but by time and events. They were nothing really special and I am certainly not a special person. But, you, readers, are, each unique and truly special and precious.

My only book, a five volume e-book set, Project Wonderland UFO Chronicles: Synchronicity & Quantum Contact published on our S.P.A.C.E. websites, went largely unread, and ended any further book ventures, at least for now.

I do not desire to be a leader, and am not, preferring to remain off-the-stage, working behind the scenes and under the radar. I prefer being one among the hundreds of folks who have participated in S.P.A.C.E., and I only created S.P.A.C.E. to be their safe harbor port, and for those who went public about their experiences, with a S.P.A.C.E. soapbox in the cosmic Union Square to speak out, with dignity and respect.

But I have become a messenger of the mysterious contact source, not by own choice but by some urgent source intervention, through lucid dreams that have conveyed vital and real world information solidly confirmed by other experiencers and researchers. And I can safely say that the otherworldly visitors are not interested in this website nor its creation, lost in the internet noise of UFO website searchers.

HybridsRising.com: Space-Explorer-Contact-MeetupWith all my own personal experiences, many of which are documented on a site webpage devoted to them (folks have asked for that), I have not been necessarily transformed by them or become a self-proclaimed UFO contact shaman, even though the close encounter experience resembles a shamanistic sojourn.

And although I do not have much fear of the visitors, I have used caution when they are near or in my presence during S.P.A.C.E. close encounters of the fifth kind experiments. They are largely in control but they seem to respect and honor our wishes for peaceful interactions, to which they may be in tune.

Unlike the few contactees who had some real experiences by consciously boarding the UFOs, be they solid or energetic craft, and those experiencers who have been whisked to other worlds and places recalled in hypnosis or consciously, I have not had their experiences. As far as I know. There are very strong suggestions that I was likely taken by stealth during a few UFO occupant visitations, which I have reported on this website.

But I cannot prove it to myself or others, and there is no need to do that. I know my experiences are real, not based on beliefs or hallucinations. There is no doubt that the UFO occupants, as reported by countless people, exist. I have seen them with my own eyes in real world time.

For Earth’s Future, Transformation is a Choice and an Imperative, Offering Hope

What is clear to me that those courageous and creative humans who resist and take action against the war-weary ways of this planet (which is likely to be transported into space and pose dangers to cosmic neighbors) are the leaders needed in humanity’s transformation into a new realm of being in response to the looming and inevitable worldwide environmental catastrophe... or even speedier nuclear obliteration.

And in response to our persistent urges as potential cosmic creators, not planetary destroyers, we must also insure a permanent off-planet human settlement presence on Mars and the Moon, and make haste to do so through human space travel, since we are at the critical tipping point on Spaceship Earth.

I suspect that our visitors, here in great numbers for nearly 70 years, may also have their own role to play, not as humanity’s saviors or keepers, but as involved and intensely interested watchers of a mad, mad world that also holds the seeds and blooms of hope.... and the tender, gentle power of transformation! Crazy and off-the-wall as it seems.... but that is the human transformation that really matters to me.

HybridsRising.com: SPACE-Contact-Weeping-ClownThe Weeping Human Child-Clown Manages a Wispy Smile of Hope

POSTSCRIPT: Eons ago when this old Earth had no or very few flowering plants, there suddenly sprang to life here what scientists call the “Flower Revolution” as this world erupted into a global field riot of flowers, a new species of life here, that lasted for millions of years at its inception. Over 20 years ago The Science Times section of The New York Times featured its lead article on this stupendous new life-form that decorates the third planet from the Sun. A true transformative Flower Children Revolution may be awaiting in the wings of the World Stage to fly in for a totally new act in the story of a struggling and lost humanity, rooted on Earth and searching the stars.

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This Ends
My Own Experience with Transformation and Caution
in my Close Encounters
By Harold Egeln


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