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Aliens Among Us





A Defining Moment


Harvard Scientists Hypothesize...


Aliens Are Living Among Us









The SOL Foundation

Science, Policy, and Public Education for the Post-UAP World




Helping to Inform the Post Disclosure World...“because the Public can handle the truth.”



Dan Harary, Chairman

(310) 994-1094

Stephen Bassett, Exec. Director

(202) 215-8344


Americans for Safe Aerospace

Americans for Safe Aerospace is a military pilot led 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to aerospace safety and national security with a focus on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP). ASA was founded by Ryan Graves, a former Lieutenant U.S. Navy F/A-18 pilot, who was the first active duty pilot to come forward to Congress about UAP or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena https://www.safeaerospace.org/


Eve of Discovery?


Tsunami Wave COVID-19

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“They’re driving into Houston… [and] the reason they say it’s Houston is, the descriptions of the buildings are a lot like Houston, if you’ve been there….Anyway, they’re driving into town and the lights are all working, streetlights…there’s no cars in the street, no dead people, no fires burning, just cars parked all along the road where they should be. But, there are no people anywhere. They’re driving along and there are no people. And, every now and then, they said they would run across what they said appeared to be the military doing mass burials, mass graves where they were just dumping hundreds of bodies into a hole and then covering them up.” - Joe Montaldo on End of the World / Alien “Holocaust” Dreams







ET Technology NASA Search

Support Science News




Multiple Pilots Witness and Report UFOs in Ireland

Human DNA Encoding

Storing Information in Human DNA

The Pentagon and Warp Drive


ET Alien DNA Exists in Humans

HybridsRising.com: Awareness, DNA Replication by Madeleine Price Ball free use wikipedia.orgI’ve always been a skeptic of UFOs, up until two nights ago, and I feel lost and confused. Three weeks ago I saw an UFO fireball in the sky, and since then I have felt like I am being watched. Two nights ago as I was about to go to sleep I saw something in my room through my peripheral vision. I remember waking up in a metal room and I was lying on a metal bed and I was restrained. I struggled to turn my head and I saw many people lying in these metal beds just like mine and I focused on my sister. It seemed that everyone was in some state of unconsciousness. I realized that something was very wrong and I was conscious of the scary situation I was in. I started to panic and tried to free myself but I was surrounded by short beings that were grayish in color and seemed oblivious to the fact that I was trying to fight my way out of the restraints.

Suddenly a bright light shown and there was a taller tan being with a more oval shaped head with indentations in it. It communicated with me telepathically and I asked it what it was doing to us and it said,

We are looking at your DNA.”

I asked it why it was doing this to us and it replied

“All humans have alien DNA, but not all humans have the same alien DNA” 

I asked it where they were from and it said “We come from Sirius” and it also told me that they have been coming to me for a long time. At that point it disappeared and my fear returned and I started screaming from the top of my lungs, the next thing I remember is jumping up from my bed screaming waking up everyone in the house. I haven’t slept for two nights now. – MUFON CMS Case File, Pleasantville, New Jersey Read More about this topic in Alien Agenda on Earth



Ocean Cleanup Project Begins Saving Lives

What Will You Be Remembered For?




The Humanity Star

“Even though the Humanity Star art project – which was launched in order to help people all over the world look up and marvel at the universe for a moment – was short-lived, it was still a success, according Beck. ‘Thousands of people told us they went outside with friends and loved ones to experience it together, and that's hugely encouraging to me,’ Beck said in a statement.” - mashable.com


HybridsRising.com: Awareness, PiggyMeray10, free clip art

How Did Your Last Meal Get to Your Plate?





Please Remember Those in Need.
Whether they are two legged, four legged or three legged…
At one time or another, everyone needs a helping hand.




If You See Something - Say Something





Elephants are Self Aware







“We are not expendable. We have a right to live.
Please stand with us as we protect our sacred lands.
Water is life, mni wiconi.



Sons of Eagle Horse

Ta’Cha, TaTanka and Sunkmanitu Eagle Horse, members of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe of the Lakota Nation, are dedicated to preserving Lakota traditions including their belief that “no one truly owns the land.” Their father is the great grandson of Chief Gall who was adopted by Sitting Bull as a younger brother.



Ultimate Nature of Existence

The Ultimate Nature of Existence

From our perspective here on Earth, the Orion Nebula is the most popular emission nebula or gas cloud containing young stars and stars in the process of forming. Although these gas clouds contain other elements, the majority of their composition is hydrogen, like the rest of the universe.

This aspect of our Universe represents the ultimate nature of existence because all life begins within similar types of stellar birthplaces. This is creation at its core; without stars there would be no life.

The relationship between extraterrestrial life and the ultimate nature of existence is that we all come from the same creative forces. Like creation, we all have the potential to be creative or destructive; to be a positive force or a negative force, and to create circumstances that allow for existence or non-existence. – The Hybrids Rising Team





Extraterrestrails and Earth


It May Be Too Late To Save Earth



Moral Greatness and Treatment of Animals







Prayer for all Beings

May I be a protector to those without protection.
A leader for those who journey.
And a boat, a bridge, a passage
For those desiring the further shore.

May the pain of every living creature
Be completely cleaned away.
May I be the doctor and the medicine
And may I be the nurse
For all sick beings in the world
Until everyone is healed.

Just like space
And the great elements such as earth,
May I always support the life
Of all the boundless creatures.

And until they pass away from pain
May I also be the source of life
For all the realms of varied beings
That reach unto the ends of space.

— Shantideva, Eighth Century Buddhist Master





Simple Test Can Detect Cancer





June 12, 2016



If You Can’t Accept the Differences Within Your Own Species,
How Will You React When Extraterrestrials and Advanced Intelligences Make Themselves Known?

Tan Grey Extraterrestrial














Holy Mole is a delightful comic strip about a group of lovable characters on a perennial search for the deeper meaning of life. The cartoon has no religious overtones; rather represents the seeker in all of us that is striving for meaning and a place in an often complex world. Winner of numerous readers’ choice contests, Holy Mole seeks to enlighten people of all ages with joyful insights about living in harmony with nature, technology and an ever-changing world.





“We have created our reality here and we have created it rather badly – of course, it’s not a sustainable reality. We have created, with our science and technology, instead of using it for the greater good, it’s been captured by interests – greed, self service, which is rife – and instead of using it – all of our technology and our brilliance and genius for the greater good, we have used it for self service, and that’s not going to work.”


Edgar Mitchell, Apollo Astronaut

Edgar D. Mitchell, Sc.D.

1930 - 2016



Remembering Cecil the Lion and Other Animals Who Have Suffered a Similar Fate

“It is not enough, however, to think of different species merely as potential ‘resources’ to be exploited, while overlooking the fact that they have value in themselves….The great majority become extinct for reasons related to human activity. Because of us, thousands of species will no longer give glory to God by their very existence, nor convey their message to us. We have no such right.” – Pope Francis


“…nowadays we must forcefully reject the notion that our being created in God’s image and given dominion over the earth justifies absolute domination over other creatures...”

“We are always capable of going out of ourselves towards the other. Unless we do this, other creatures will not be recognized for their true worth; we are unconcerned about caring for things for the sake of others; we fail to set limits on ourselves in order to avoid the suffering of others or the deterioration of our surroundings...”

“The earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth…These problems are closely linked to a throwaway culture which affects the excluded just as it quickly reduces things to rubbish…”

“Even as the quality of available water is constantly diminishing, in some places there is a growing tendency, despite its scarcity, to privatize this resource, turning it into a commodity subject to the laws of the market. Yet access to safe drinkable water is a basic and universal human right, since it is essential to human survival and, as such, is a condition for the exercise of other human rights. Our world has a grave social debt towards the poor who lack access to drinking water, because they are denied the right to a life consistent with their inalienable dignity...”

“In fact, there are ‘proposals to internationalize the Amazon, which only serve the economic interests of transnational corporations...’ ”

“It is not enough, however, to think of different species merely as potential ‘resources’ to be exploited, while overlooking the fact that they have value in themselves….The great majority become extinct for reasons related to human activity. Because of us, thousands of species will no longer give glory to God by their very existence, nor convey their message to us. We have no such right.”

“…approximately a third of all food produced is discarded, and ‘whenever food is thrown out it is as if it were stolen from the table of the poor.’ ” – Pope Francis

Selective Quotes from Pope Francis: “Given in Rome at Saint Peter’s on 24 May, the Solemnity of Pentecost, in the year 2015, the third of my Pontificate.”



“We Are Now Entering the Sixth Major Extinction Facing Earth”




“With ideas you build walls in the mind. Such a wall is the ‘ridicule curtain’ built by the United States Government in the early 1950’s around the study of UFOs. Once it was built every person who touched the issue from that time forward was ‘tossed over the wall’ into the ghetto of ufology. No one was spared. Walked on the Moon? Won a Pulitzer Prize? Commanded a Naval ship? Ph.D from MIT? ‘Greatest jet pilot that ever was?’ No matter. Touch the subject of UFOs and you are in the ghetto. The money dries up, the job offers diminish, programs are cancelled, medals are pinned elsewhere, college tenure is challenged, spouses leave home, phone calls are not returned….Tear down the wall, leave the ghetto, stand up to the state and demand the truth. If those trying to escape the intellectual ghetto built for them by their own government should on occasion out of frustration, desperation or impatience make a mistake, remember the bigger picture and consider cutting them some slack.”

Paradigm Research Group



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Happy Earth Day!

Hybrids Rising Happy Earth Day



Alien Jigsaw Banner

Alien Jigsaw Update: “... Alien Jigsaw is a web portal created by a contactee who has been heavily involved with the ET abduction/contact phenomenon for quite some time and has conscious recall of many interactions with these beings. Like Whitley Strieber and Jim Sparks, Alien Jigsaw is one of the earliest, gold standard authors of the UFO phenomenon and much of what we know today stems from mind boggling revelations and details that were published way back when no one else dared to publish. Now that Alien Jigsaw is online, we have yet another source of level headed and insightful information to help us maneuver all the pieces together to see the global picture." - The Object Report


Respect your Fellow Earthlings


Clean Up Your Act...

Prepare Yourself

ET Holding Earth Art Courtesy of http://www.coreywolfe.com/




When a Symbol is Turned – It Becomes a Symbol of Hate


Please Support The Mother Emanuel Hope Fund




Rest In Peace

We send our deepest sympathy to our friend and noted researcher and journalist A.J. Gevaerd who lost his beloved daughter Daniela in a head-on automobile accident. Daniela’s boyfriend also died in the head-on collision. The HR Team and our Partners would like to express our deepest condolences to both families of this tragic accident.




Zimbabwe’s Mass UFO Sighting 20 Years Later

UAP and Extraterrestrial Life UAP Drawn by Child in Africa UFO Drawn by Child in Africa

Twenty years ago, 62 pupils at Ariel School said they saw an alien spaceship.
It's still regarded as one of the most compelling events in UFO history.



Enjoy friends and family and make new friends.

Look in the mirror and forgive yourself and others and love like there is no tomorrow.”


UN Climate Change Scientific Reports and Images

Climate Change to Hit Africa Hardest

Largest Ever Climate Change March Rolls Through NY City

Climate Change Evident Across Europe

Speech to the UN

Climate Change: The South African Scenario

Climate Change Protesters March on Wall Street

European Environment Agency

Idiots on Climate Change


NYC and Harold Egeln's S.P.A.C.E. Group

New York City Abductee Support Group


"...Eisenhower did Indeed Meet with these Extraterrestrial Offworld Astronauts..."




Click to feed a Homeless Animal


Click to feed a Homeless Person


Interpecies Relationships

Whales Breach to Communicate

Interspecies Relationsips

"These rarely seen examples of spontaneous play hint at the complexity
of interspecies relationships in the wild."





Bring Our Girls Back


What’s It All About – Alfie?

What’s it all about, Alfie?
Is it just for the moment we live?
What’s it all about when you sort it out, Alfie?
Are we meant to take more than we give
Or are we meant to be kind?

And if only fools are kind, Alfie,
Then I guess it’s wise to be cruel.
And if life belongs only to the strong, Alfie,
What will you lend on an old golden rule?

As sure as I believe there’s a heaven above, Alfie,
I know there’s something much more,
Something even non-believers can believe in.

What's It All About Alfie?

I believe in love, Alfie.
Without true love we just exist, Alfie.
Until you find the love you’ve missed, you’re nothing, Alfie.
When you walk let your heart lead the way
And you’ll find love any day, Alfie, Alfie.

Lyrics & Music by the Great Burt Bacharach



Ali Marshall’s Address to the U.N. General Assembly

“Representatives of humankind, I ask that you listen carefully to what I’m about to say.”

“I address you on behalf of an advanced species of aliens who recently sent numerous probes to our Planet. These probes worked in unison to create a complex model of life on Earth based upon the memories of creatures they encountered. What they found is both profound and disconcerting.”

“Permit me to show you a crude representation of what was shown me.” [A multimedia operator displayed a series of slides for the Assembly to see.] “Given that humanity continues on our present course of action, or lack of action, our world will change from this.”


What followed was a series of familiar images of the Earth seen from space, showing the blue oceans, green tropical forests, white glaciers and a host of other beautiful scenes taken from satellites circling the Earth.


“To this:”

 The second series of images showed a drab planet void of the right colors we are so accustomed to seeing. Gone also were the familiar white polar caps and vast segments of continental coastline. The dark-green boreal forests that once covered the northern hemisphere were now greatly reduced in size and scope. Greenland now appeared to be a vast rocky archipelago of islands of various shapes and sizes, while the Antarctic, robbed of its white mantel, had turned into a vase, barren, brown continent.

“Having experienced direct mental contact with the originators of these probe-like devices, I wish to emphatically state that there are many sentient life forms within our Galaxy, some of which have reached levels of accomplishment far in advance of our own. A few of the more advanced beings have been observing us for millennia and others have been intrusively interacting with us for decades.”

“Planets like our own are extremely rare in the Cosmos and thus are the object of special attention among advanced species. I am here to report there is serious concern among those observing us that humankind is squandering its previous evolutionary inheritance of biological diversity at break-neck speed. Presently, tens of thousands of animal species are on the verge of extinction because of our unchecked impulse to subdue every earthly resource within our hegemony. It was made clear to me that if our species is to survive, this insatiable avarice must be brought to an end.”

“While we occupy ourselves with issues of hegemony, some aliens have begun taking measures to preserve billions of years of genetic diversity. These beings do not believe we will act in a timely fashion in this endeavor, so they have taken it upon themselves to secure its preservation.”

“However, not all aliens are benevolent. Some aliens, who have been involved in human affairs for decades, follow more self-serving agendas. They kidnap our citizenry to perform physical, psychological and genetic experiments that are tantamount to rape. All the while governments, scientists and unthinking individuals proclaim their non-existence.”

NORAD Logo  Ali Marshall's Speech at the UN

“The points I wish to make are simple. First, if we do not practice thoughtful stewardship of our Planet we will lose it either to Nature or to opportunistic aliens.”


“Second, we must end the conspiracy of secrecy that prevents free and open discussion about a host of phenomena associated with UFOs and their activities.”


“I would expect you to question the authenticity of what I have just told you. Therefore, to verify that I have truly spoken on their behalf, the aliens who directed me here have prepared a demonstration. This event will be in three days and will last for twenty-four hours. During this period, an unprecedented number of UFO sightings will take place throughout the world. These sightings will be peaceful in nature and should not invoke any hostile reaction on our part. The aliens’ intent is simply to make their presence known to all.”

Cloaked Triangle UFOs Around Earthlike Mothership

The events are intended to herald a new stage in our relationship with other beings that inhabit nearby stars. Be forewarned that these beings are not here to provide us with new technology or accelerate our physiological and mental development; neither will they address the issue of rogue aliens who have been abducting our citizenry for genetic harvesting. These are issues that we need to address ourselves. The forthcoming sightings are only intended to demonstrate the reality of the aliens’ presence here on Earth. More intimate interactions will only occur when we demonstrate strides toward greater intellectual and moral responsibility.”

“On behalf of the Synthoids, those beings who directed me here, I thank you for your time and attention.” – Ali Marshall, The Kendall Stone, by Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D.








Dark Person with Triangle on Forehead



“The dark Being had me sit in a chair and he placed a helmet on me. I believe this helmet was used to balance my brain waves. I was allowed to view, in detail, a previous life on another planet. This was a place where Nature was studied and experienced to its fullest. I also learned that one of their beliefs is: After death, our connection with nature goes with us, not the study of science.”







“[The Being] clarified that consciousness expresses itself through a body. Consciousness is there before the body and consciousness is there after the body…Who you are, your personality, your intelligence, your knowledge and what defines you as a person is persistent in both directions.”






These Are Our Relatives



The Future for Native American Indians




Alice Herz Sommer was 108 years old. After everything she had been through, Alice managed to keep a positive outlook on life by playing the piano and rejecting hate

“…hatred eats the soul of the hater, not the hated.”


Annie Lennox & AIDS

Zero Discrimination




Hybrid Children in Garden



The Spirit of Water's Sacred Symbols

Sacred Symbols Uses


“Although you may not always be able to avoid difficult situations,
you can modify the extent to which you can suffer by how you choose to respond to the situation.”

HybridsRising.com: Awareness-The-Art-of-Happiness-Book.jpg



Are you really this hungry?

HybridsRising.com: Awareness, PiggyMeray10 clip art, Love Animals Don't Eat Them

Five Reasons Pigs Are More Awesome Than You


Association for American Indian Affairs

HybridsRising.com: Indian-Affairs-Banner.jpg



Adopt a Dog and Cat

HybridsRising.com: Awareness, Adopt cat and dog, BobbieJeanPeachy free use art.jpg


HybridsRising.com: Awareness, Adopt Cat and Dog, BobbieJeanPeachy free use art


Leonardo Di Vinci, Leo Tolstoy & Albert Einstein’s Views On Animals



Click to feed a Homeless Animal

HybridsRising.com: Awareness, feed a homelss animal, click to give


Rabbit’s Favorite Quotes

HybridsRising.com: Awareness, Rabbits Favorite Quotes Banner



Truth from the Perspective of an Advanced Intelligence?

“The trial never ended…We never reached a verdict. But now we have. You’re guilty….Of being inferior….I said we’d be watching you, and we have been – hoping that your ape-like race would demonstrate some growth, give some indication that your minds had room for expansion. But what have we seen instead?... In your own paltry, limited way, you have no idea how far you still have to go. But instead of using the last…years to change and to grow, you have squandered them.” – Q, an omnipotent being, speaking to Captain Picard in All Good Things…



Vegetarians You Already Admire

Gary L. Francione

“The notion that we should promote ‘happy’ or ‘humane’ exploitation as ‘baby steps’ ignores that welfare reforms do not result in providing significantly greater protection for animal interests; in fact, most of the time, animal welfare reforms do nothing more than make animal exploitation more economically productive by focusing on practices, such as gestation crates, the electrical stunning of chickens, or veal crates, that are economically inefficient in any event. Welfare reforms make animal exploitation more profitable by eliminating practices that are economically vulnerable. For the most part, those changes would happen anyway and in the absence of animal welfare campaigns precisely because they do rectify inefficiencies in the production process. And welfare reforms make the public more comfortable about animal exploitation. The ‘happy’ meat/animal products movement is clear proof of that.”

“We would never advocate for ‘humane’ or ‘happy’ human slavery, rape, genocide, etc. So, if we believe that animals matter morally and that they have an interest not only in not suffering but in continuing to exist, we should not be putting our time and energy into advocating for “humane” or ‘happy’ animal exploitation.”
“So it is always preferable to discuss the matter of veganism in a non-judgmental way. Remember that to most people, eating flesh or dairy and using animal products such as leather, wool, and silk, is as normal as breathing air or drinking water. A person who consumes dairy or uses animal products is not necessarily or usually what a recent and unpopular American president labeled an ‘evil doer.’” Gary L. Francione


People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals


International Animal Rights Organization - Please be Aware


HybridsRising.com: Awareness, Respect Your Fellow Earthlings PETA.org- print.jpg



Famous Vegetarians Who Might Surprise You


Top 10 Animals Rights Activists



The day will dawn in the future
When you will journey through time.
The Stars…Listen – hear them pleading
They know, dear Earthling, what you’re needing.

HybridsRising.com: Awareness, Nichelle Nichols Theme from Star Trek, wikipedia.org

Be true, bring peace and love with you
Be free, for that is your nature.
Believe, tho others say it’s only pretend,
Then your Star Trek – will never end…

Theme from Star Trek


Most Reputable Animal Right’s Organizations

Ben The Most Famous RAT

Ben, the two of us need look no more
We both found what we were looking for
With my friend to call my own I’ll never be alone
And you my friend will see, you’ve got a friend in me

Ben, you’re always running here and there
You feel you’re not wanted anywhere
If you ever look behind and don’t like what you find
There’s something you should know, you’ve got a place to go

I used to say, “I”, And “Me”
Now it’s “Us”, Now it’s “We”

Ben, most people would turn you away
I don’t listen to a word they say
They don’t see you as I do, I wish they would try to
I’m sure they’d think again if they had a friend like Ben
Like Ben, like Ben

Michael Jackson


Animal Rights Facts and Myths




Save Our Seeds

Native Seeds

HybridsRising.com: Awareness, Save our Seeds


Best Animal Charities

Charity Watch Image



Chemtrails: Friend or Foe?

 “Hypothetically, the reason for [chemtrail] spraying could be in preparation for contact. As a biologist I am very aware of what foreign viruses and bacterial agents can do, and so is the government. Whole tribes of Indians were wiped out by contact with the disease germs carried by the Spanish to the Americas. If there is any possibility for cross contamination and disease, an alien species could not land and make contact, period! Unless they remained suited up in decontamination outfits. 
One way of building our immunity to their diseases is to inoculate us, but doing so by airborne particles is the slow way – not as good as a shot in the arm. If these ETs are benevolent, they would not attempt contact until a significant percentage of our population is immunized against all their potential diseases. If these ETs were here to exterminate us, why not just land. Their contamination would spread like wildfire, and the confusion resulting from contact would disrupt any attempt by government to control the spread of that contamination. Large and expensive projects to inoculate populations are usually not done by diabolical leaders intent on destroying their resources. So, don’t be so paranoid. Keep looking. – Dr. Bruce Cornet

Chemtrails: A Different Perspective

HybridsRising.com: Awareness, Chemtrails, GeoEngineering

Carnicom Institute: ChemTrail Research Papers


Sexy Vegetarians




Seed Savers Exchange

HybridsRising.com: Awareness, Seed Savers Banner

Food Tank

HybridsRising.com: Awareness, Food Tank.com Banner


Non GMO Project

HybridsRising.com: Awareness, NonGMO, free use bumblebee clip art


Watchers 7 Video Trailer: Craft or Object Deliberately Entering Volcano


HybridsRising.com: Awareness, Watchers 7 Still-Image-promoting-video.jpg



The Mayonnaise Jar

HybridsRising.com: Awareness, Professor Inspiring Mayonaise Jar StoryWhen things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar...and the coffee...

A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him.  When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls.  He then asked the students if the jar was full.  They agreed that it was.

So the professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar.  He shook the jar lightly.  The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. 

They agreed it was.

The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else.  He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with a unanimous “yes.”

The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar, effectively filling the empty space between the sand. The students laughed.    

“Now,” said the professor, as the laughter subsided, “I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life. The golf balls are the important things-your God, family, your children, your health, your friends, and your favorite passions-things that if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full. The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job, your house, and your car. The sand is everything else-the small stuff.”

“If you put the sand into the jar first,” he continued, “there is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls. The same goes for life. If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff, you will never have room for the things that are important to you. Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness. Play with your children. Take time to get medical checkups. Take your partner out to dinner. Play another 18. There will always be time to clean the house and fix the disposal. Take care of the golf balls first, the things that really matter. Set your priorities.  The rest is just sand.”

One of the students raised her hand and inquired what the coffee represented.

The professor smiled. “I’m glad you asked. It just goes to show you that no matter how full your life may seem, there’s always room for a couple of cups of coffee with a friend.”


Are You A Guardian?


The Cookie Thief

A woman was waiting at an airport one night,
With several long hours before her flight.
She hunted for a book in the airport shops.
Bought a bag of cookies and found a place to drop.

She was engrossed in her book but happened to see,
That the man sitting beside her, as bold as could be.
Grabbed a cookie or two from the bag in between,
Which she tried to ignore to avoid a scene.

So she munched the cookies and watched the clock,
As the gutsy cookie thief diminished her stock.
She was getting more irritated as the minutes ticked by,
Thinking, “If I wasn’t so nice, I would blacken his eye.”

With each cookie she took, he took one too,
When only one was left, she wondered what he would do.
With a smile on his face, and a nervous laugh,
He took the last cookie and broke it in half.

He offered her half, as he ate the other,
She snatched it from him and thought… oooh, brother.
This guy has some nerve and he’s also rude,
Why he didn’t even show any gratitude!

She had never known when she had been so galled,
And sighed with relief when her flight was called.
She gathered her belongings and headed to the gate,
Refusing to look back at the thieving ingrate.

She boarded the plane, and sank in her seat,
Then she sought her book, which was almost complete.
As she reached in her baggage, she gasped with surprise,
There was her bag of cookies, in front of her eyes.

If mine are here, she moaned in despair,
The others were his, and he tried to share.
Too late to apologize, she realized with grief,
That she was the rude one, the ingrate, the thief.

By Poet Valerie Cox


How Did Your Last Meal Get to Your Plate?

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