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The Many Faces of Area 51

By Hybrids Rising

Bob Lazar S-4Perhaps synonymous with Area 51 are its two “dry” lakes: Groom Lake and Papoose Lake. This region, specifically Papoose Lake, was made famous by Bob Lazar, a physicist employed by Naval Intelligence. In 1989, Lazar came forward with a controversial story about the work he had done in an area referred to at the time as S-4, a group of laboratories where research was being conducted on, among other things, reverse engineering of extraterrestrial craft. Due to overt intimidation which any normal person would consider threats against Bob Lazar’s life, a respected investigative journalist named George Knapp, whom Lazar had been interviewed by in “shadow” and using a pseudonym, decided to make his name public in order to protect him. This appeared to work, but Lazar’s career, reputation and life in general took a hard, undeserving hit eventually leading him to withdraw from public appearances after having to serve time due to an overreaching verdict involving a “crime” that is now legal in the State of Nevada.

George Knapp and Lockler Corbell

Thankfully, Bob Lazar is back in the public eye with encouragement from George Knapp (left) and more recently Lockler Corbell (right) who has a refreshing ability for open-mindedness and the ability to merge his creative energy with his search for truth involving ET related phenomena and individuals caught in its clutches. Unfortunately, true to form, as soon as Lazar makes his comeback, his home gets raided by a brigade of FBI agents. Well... looking on the positive side, there’s nothing better than free publicity, right?

Robert Bigelow Aerospace Another well known individual associated with the topic of space technology is Robert Bigelow. Both Lazar and Bigelow changed the face of our “UFO/ET” culture – one with a highly unusual job, daring wits and friends who kept him safe – and the other with tenacity, life-long plans, and the money to fund controversial research: from Budd Hopkins’ Intruders Foundation in the 1980’s and other ET abduction researchers and methodologies to NIDS, National Institute of Discovery Science, which he founded in 1995. The efforts of these two men and the people who have worked alongside them, some in the shadows – some not – will be remembered for changing the culture of our world and helping to bring about awareness of the fact that aliens / extraterrestrials / interdimensionals – whatever you want to call them – have been interacting directly with humans on Earth and they’ve been doing it for a very long time. For Bob Lazar, there is no doubt that extraterrestrial craft exist because he has seen them firsthand. For Robert Bigelow, there is no doubt that extraterrestrials have visited Earth because he has seen proof.

Area 51 – Groom Lake Images


The image below is alleged to be a diagram released by the CIA. We thought we’d try to improve its resolution, but it has obviously been put on a Xerox machine so many times it is, of course, unreadable. We did find something curious in it however, which made us wonder…

CIA Diagram of Area 51


Below is a cut-out and enlargement of the area of the diagram at approximately the three-o’clock position. It seems to depict a very small drawing of a saucer shaped craft sitting on the ground. The border line has been cropped and this seems to indicate that someone wanted to draw special attention to the small anomaly (just to the bottom left of the blue arrow). Wikipedia has this diagram listed as “A 1966 Central Intelligence Agency diagram of Area 51, found in an untitled, declassified paper, showing the runway overrun for OXCART (Lockheed A-12) and the turnaround areas.” Perhaps the CIA actually does have a sense of humour...

UFO Drawing at Area 51

Below is another map of Area 51 which includes the Nellis bombing and gunnery ranges. Inside and just below “the box” (Dreamland) one can see Groom Lake and Papoose Lake depicted. This map was photocopied and mailed semi-anonymously by a German researcher in the early 1990’s. In other words, it was not published by that particular individual, but it was published in German speaking countries. The text roughly translated reads “Map for Nevada Test Range/Area and Documentation for Red Flag Operations.”



Below is a map of Federal Lands in Nevada showing there is plenty of space for all sorts of clandestine operations, above ground, underground, human and otherwise.


Area 51 Federal Lands Map



Below is a satellite image showing Groom “dry” Lake and a portion of the base.  


Satellite Image of Groom Lake NV


This is a topographical map showing a small portion of Groom Lake’s “restricted area.” Groom “dry” Lake is the small circular area shown in the bottom left hand side of the image. Everyone who has them should hold on to their paper maps and map books. Since Google-NSA Maps has cornered the market the real deal is becoming increasingly more difficult to obtain.  


Topographical Map of Area 51


Below is a colour-coded map of the area. Red = Groom Lake Complex, Yellow = Tonopah Test Range, Turquoise = Nevada Test Site, Dark Blue = Nellis Air Force Range


Color Coded Map of Area 51


And, last but not least…

Actually it is the least – the “official Area 51 Map” released, much after the fact, by the United States Government (CIA) after Area 51 was finally declassified, which in and of itself tells you everything you need to know about the U.S. government’s declassification process. Hint: It is the tiny little square at the base of Nevada.


Map of Area 51 "declassified"


But Wait! There’s More!


Hello? What’s This? Google-NSA is now allowing us to see Groom Lake and the infamous base which indicates they’ve most likely moved some of their operations underground and others to different bases while other operations have gone to scientific laboratories cleared to conduct classified research.


2019 Map of Groom Lake Area 51


Papoose “dry” Lake and one of the Loneliest Outposts (Outside of Australia)


We still say there’s something under there. It may not be called S-4 any longer, but there is a reverse psychological logic to keeping certain operations there hiding in plain sight…


Map of Papoose Lake-S-4 Area 51



Papoose Dry Lake Area 51-S-4


White Sands, New Mexico

We believe White Sands is still a top choice for secondary operations related to the once secret Area 51 due to its operational history, enormous size and location, and reports from a handful of abductees, including MILABs who have reported having been taken there. Accounts include seeing humans and extraterrestrials including possible hybrid beings, working alongside one another.

Most of the northern Tularosa basin (blue) is used for White Sands Missile Range (area within dashed perimeter), which encloses numerous areas that are not military land, for example, the National Parks Service and White Sands National Monument as well as U.S. Air Force facilities. It is located in the San Andres, Oscura, San Augustin Mountains and the Tularosa Basin and Chupadera Mesa in New Mexico. (Wikipedia)


White Sands New Mexico Map


Take some time to read about the geology of this area. (1) Humans drained most of the water out of the aquifers beneath it, (2) It is built on top of an area where two major tectonic plates come together, therefore making it highly prone to earthquakes (3) The U.S. government, with its incredible foresight and wisdom, has been allowing the testing of nuclear bombs and underground ordinance here since the 1940s.



A Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell Film

Robert Bigelow and Bigelow Aerospace

“Bigelow was reported by the New York Times in December, 2017 to have urged Senator Harry Reid to initiate what became the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, a government study which reportedly operated from 2007 to 2012 tasked with the study of UFOs.[15][16] According to the New York Times, Bigelow said he was ‘absolutely convinced’ that aliens exist and that U.F.O.s have visited Earth.[17] Wikipedia

Tularosa Basin (White Sands)

White Sands Missile Range

Charles Hall and other Examples of The Tall Whites

The preceding images and photographs of Area 51 are some we’ve been collecting over the past many years. Some of these are from books, and some were taken from open sources on the Internet and Wikipedia.

Full Disclosure is coming...

...because the public can handle the truth.

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