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When most people hear the term cabal, it automatically makes eyes roll and logical minds want to look elsewhere for information. Before we begin tossing about conspiratorial terminology such as cabal, it’s important to understand a bit of history about the term. A cabal is a “junto or council of intriguers.” An intrigue is a “covert maneuver to achieve an unavowed purpose or underhanded scheme.”

According to the prolific scholar, E. Cobham Brewer, “One of the ministries of Charles II (1670) was called a cabal because the initial letters of its members formed this acrostic: Clifford, Ashley, Buckingham, Arlington and Lauderdale. [CABAL] This accident may have popularized the word, but, without doubt, we borrowed it from the French cabale, ‘an intriguing faćtion.’” In Hebrew cab’ala means “secret knowledge.” A junto is merely an assembly, and in Spanish a junta is a council.”


In defining Cabal, the term junto is used. A junto is a small, usually secret group or committee that gathers for a common interest or aim. A junto is also referred to as a cabal, clique or a faction. Junto is a variant of junta.

The Corporate Cabal

This is where things get a bit interesting because a junta is a group of military officers holding state power after a coup d’état, which is exactly what occurred in the United States just after the Roswell Incident. It was an unacknowledged and highly compartmentalized coup d’état.

This unfolded when the Army Air Force took ET evidence and gleaned what it could from its technology. The hardware and technological knowledge was passed on to a controversial civilian organization with military assets. Some say it was called MJ-12, but whatever its true name, it did exist. The Army Air Force was split and when the shuffling of the military-civilian organization was over, the knowledge and control was transferred to what Truman called the military industrial complex. After decades of playing a complex shell game, it now resides in the hands of the Corporate Cabal.

If you follow the timeline of events just prior to the creation of the National Security Act, you’ll be amazed at how all of this makes complete sense; and with the exception of the civilian group, it is fully documented.

In 1946 OSS, Office of Strategic Services was dismantled and the National Security Act created the command structure for the Cold War. It began an embargo on truth which has continued into the 21st Century. It is the lie humanity is living today, but this lie was not solely created by, and in, the United States. Keep in mind that CIA was initially aided by British Intelligence and U.S. received ample help from human acquisitions made from Operation Paperclip. The lie also involves countries with the most powerful banking systems on the planet. One only has to “follow the money” as it were. Perhaps the aftermath of the Chinese hack on the Federal Government of the United States may yield some names of the ET technology secret keepers who have been cowering in darkness. Initially they attempted to limit the hack to government employees, but soon after, the story broke that the hack also involved identities of U.S. spies. Someone now knows the names behind the cabal (and much more) which means China is going to get to keep their new island.


Cabala is the oral law of the Jews delivered down through generations by word of mouth. “Some of the rabbins say that the angel Raziel instructed Adam in it; the angel Japhiel instructed Shem, and the angel Zedekiel instructed Abraham; the more unusual belief is that God instructed Moses, and Moses…instructed Aaron” and so on…

One who studies the cabala is a cabalist; in the not too distant past, a cabalist was described as a “Jewish doctor profess[ing] the study of the Cabala, a mysterious science said to have been delivered to the Jews by revelation….This science consist[s] mainly in understanding the combination of certain letters, words, and numbers said to be significant.”


The promises held out by The Cabala are as follows:

"The abolition of sin and sickness…"

Extraterrestrial technology possesses the cure for our diseases and could extend humans’ lives five-fold, perhaps even longer. Their medical technology is so advanced some aspects of it are interdimensional.

"Abundant provision of all things needful for our well-being during life…"

With extraterrestrial technology, we wouldn’t need to pollute our planet with oil drilling, fracking, coal mining, etc. ET technology can build homes for the homeless and eliminate the need for the cruel practice of farming animals, especially factory farming practices.

Our planet is war torn: Third world countries are starving, thirsty and dying from disease; the manner in which first world countries live is unsustainable and in some cases unforgivable. Neither will endure without great change.

"Familiar intercourse with deity and angels…"

One can take the term intercourse to mean dialogue and discussion, and the sharing of information with “deity” and “angels” who might be interpreted as ETs and Super Conscious Beings. If taken literally, it could mean “to give birth to” a new race of Beings: the Hybrid ET-Human race.

"The gift of language and prophecy…"

Abductee-Experiencers have been taught new forms of language based on symbols that contain their own “sound” and “vision,” as well as telepathic discourse which would eliminate the lack of knowledge and the confusion which currently exists between different cultures due to language barriers.

Prophecy is to see what others cannot – to view the future and know what is there. It is akin to time travel whether it is physical or by using one’s consciousness via remote viewing or travelling to hyperdimensional realms. This ability of extraterrestrials has been known for decades and they have shown it and taught it to abductees, experiencers and contactees. This ability of Angels, or spiritually advanced beings such as Super Conscious Beings, has been known for over 2000 years.

"The power of transmuting metals…"

Transmute means to change, alter, transform and to metamorphose. This is how one can explain the existence of extraterrestrial underground “bases” and undersea habitats. Yes, some of these Beings have been here for a very long time. And – from what do you think their craft are constructed? We most likely have it right here on Earth.

"The power of working miracles…"

Our technology today would seem like magic and “miracles” to someone who was living a mere 100 years ago. Humans today would be “gods” to Neanderthals. It was said Jesus performed “miracles.” Who really was Jesus? Who really were any of these past “miracle workers” we read about in our books, scriptures and ancient texts?

It’s no coincidence that teachings such as this are kept hidden, just as our DNA has been kept hidden – DNA which is said to contain extraterrestrial properties – most likely coming from several different types of extraterrestrial races.

The next time you read something about cabals or hear someone speak about the CABAL, remember those original names: Clifford, Ashley, Buckingham, Arlington and Lauderdale. Those were real, and in their time, powerful people. Today’s cabal are just as real and they are much more powerful. They are corporations and they have names.


Excerpts and Sources relating to the history of the CABAL:

“These ministers were emphatically called the Cabal, and they soon made the appellation so infamous that it has never since….been used except as a term of reproach.” T.B. Macaulay

Thomas Babington Macaulay, The History of England, Volume I, Chapter Two, Page 165.

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Thomas Babington Macaulay

History of the original names behind CABAL


Sources regarding Early Alleged Hacks by the Chinese and Russians

Alleged Chinese Hackers Seize Gold Mine of Information about U.S. Spies and Army Personnel

U.S. Government’s Massive Data Breach of Employee Records and Security Clearances

New York Times: Breach in Fed’s Computer System

Washington Post: [Alleged] Chinese Hackers Breach Fed’s Personnel Office

Washington Post: Hackers Breach White House Computers

2018 Hacking continues under the inauspicious eyes of the NSA and other intelligence actors who do nothing about it.

Important Cautions

“As Disclosure nears, during the final days of the truth embargo, there are some threads for which interested parties should be on alert. Some Cautions are:

1) some government entities may well introduce new disinformation into the web stream
    in order to slow things down and buy some time.

2) some supporters of the process will begin to hyperventilate and post wishful material
    that is exaggerated and hyper-exotic.

3) professional and amateur hoaxers will jump in with all manner of bizarre postings.

4) years of sacrifice and frustration on the part of some researchers and activists will
    create strong emotions and much internal tension.

5) critics of the advocacy work and research will lash out as the ground on which they
    have stood begins to shake.

The closer it gets, the greater the need to go Zen, stay calm and enjoy the ride.” 

Excerpt and Source relating to Important Cautions:

Excerpted from: Stephen Bassett’s June 10, 2015 PRG Update: Dark Matter Radio Network. Midnight in the Desert, Some Cautions.


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