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HybridsRising.com: Hybrid-Alien-Hierarchy-Schematic-Möbius-Order-free-use-Wikipedia.jpgPictured is a closed Möbius strip, which is an infinite Möbius strip with a rectangular strip of finite height.

We might be accurate in describing Humanity’s attempt at understanding the Contact Phenomenon as an infinite Möbius strip, but the closed version is much easier to visualize.

Part of the definition, and indeed, a demonstration of the Möbius concept is to visualize an insect crawling along the length of the strip. The insect would return to its starting point having traversed the entire length of the strip – on both sides of the original paper – without ever crossing an edge.

Humanity’s attempt to understand our Extraterrestrial and Advanced Intelligence Visitors are as the insect attempting to traverse an infinite plane of possibilities. How many times have we rediscovered who we are and do not yet know we have done so because we have been unable to detect the beginning or the end of the strip – or trip? Do we lack the super-consciousness based awareness to do so? Are our Visitors expanding our consciousness through Contact?

The Order placement of alien beings within the Hybrids Rising hierarchy should be viewed as a Möbius strip. Although they are listed on Hybrids Rising as appearing in a straight hierarchy; our intention was to present them as a Möbius strip, (impossible to do in a pull down menu) with the Mantis-Insectoid beings “touching” the Reptilian beings on the “opposite end” which doesn’t exist in infinity. Where the Möbius strip gently twists and turns is where the more nebulous beings are placed.

And, what about the space in between, which in an open Möbius strip continues for infinity? This could represent other dimensions. Where incorporeal beings exist – some who might be extraterrestrially perceived Visitors – and where the God Consciousness resides and where our Consciousness goes when we leave our physical bodies.

The information you will read on this site is taken from firsthand testimony from people directly involved in Contact and from studying the combined decades of published materials on the subject. Join the journey as we attempt to explain what we believe is occurring regarding the phenomenon known as Contact in our exploration of The Hybrid Project.

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