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Extraterrestrials and AIs

Advanced Intelligences


Tall White ET


Tall Whites


Two Tall White ETs

Two Tall Whites



Tall Grey, short Grey with ET Experiencer

Meeting a Diplomat Grey with his Entourage




Grey ET Medical Procedure on Heart

Heart Procedure after Lightning Strike

“We are repairing your heart. You will be okay now.”




ET Memory Manipulation Device

Hybrid Female Being using a Memory Altering Device on Ed Walters





Blond Nordic ET Blonde

ET Human Hybrid or Blonde Nordic





Hybrid Girl with Blue-Gold Eyes

ET Human Hybrid Female

“The Girl with the Golden Eyes”




Blue Eyed ET similar to Betty-Barney Hill's ET


An ET who interacted with an Experiencer from the Pacific Northwest. He looks similar to the description given by Barney Hill (pictured below).


Betty and Barney Hill ET






ET with Brown Skin Dwarf  ETs


Brown Dwarf ET Female


Brown ET Female


Several years after the above encounter, the same witness observed pupils in the irises of the brown dwarf ETs



Nordic ET Human

Blonde Nordic



Tall White ET with small Grey-Tan Alien

Tall White with Tan Grey




Tan ET Alien Floating

Tan Grey Phase-Shifting




Small ET Floating

Betty Andreasson’s Greys Phase-Shifting




ETs coming through wall

Greys Walking Through Wall




Tall White ETs Charles Hall

Charles Hall’s Tall Whites




Grey Alien Autopsy Wright Patterson Air Base





AMOCO Tan Grey

Aviation Week & Space Technology, November 1989, Page 51

Published in 1989 in an Amoco Oil advertisement in Aviation Week and Space Technology. The page the magazine chose to publish their ad on was page 51, an obvious play on the not-so-secret base with the same name, i.e., Area 51. You will find the events that were occurring during the years immediately preceding and following this ad’s publication to be of interest. You can read about this in A Slice of Time: How Humanity Ended up on the Wrong Side of Reality.




Cahill ET Abduction Tall Blacks

Kelly Cahill’s Tall Blacks with Red Eyes




Tall Black ET

Tall Black Extraterrestrials




Tall Black ET with Naked Alien Abductee

Tall Black Female Escorting Male Abductee




Mantis ET Walking

Female Mantis Being with Ebony Exoskeleton




3 ET Mantids Walking

Three Mantids Approaching




Shadow Black Hole Being

Black Hole or Shadow Being




ET with Dark Skin

Wise and Friendly Dark ET




Hybrid Grey ET

Grey ET from Ed Walter’s Abduction




Blue Arcturian ET

Arcturian Sculpture by Cynthia Crawford




Tall White ET Alien Blue Eyes

Tall White




Blonde Nordic ET Human

Blond Nordic


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