ET Craft and Spaceships


ET UFO Propulsion Field

Viewing Energy Propulsion Field under Extraterrestrial Craft



Grey Triangle UFO Craft

Triangle Shaped Craft of Tall Greys



Cigar UFO with ET Inside

Cigar Shaped Craft with Grey ET Navigator



Cigar UFO Base

Base Where Cigar Shaped Craft Was Seen

Subject walked through the base, including flightline and hangars




Round UFO seen outside Hospital

ET Craft Observed From Hospital Room in Mississippi (~1970’s)




Greys Triangle UFO

Triangular Shaped Craft of the Greys and Blonde Hybrids




Belgium Triangle UFO Wave

The Belgium 1989 UFO Wave




Silent UFO ET Gulf Coast, USA

Delta Shaped Craft Observed on Consective Nights Along the Gulf Coast of Mexico in 1989




ET Probe of Brown ETs

Rare Report of Extraterrestrial Craft of Brown Dwarfs



5 UFOs in V formation

Five Craft Flying In Delta Formation, 1989




Bell UFO White ETs

ET Craft Of Small White Greys




Ed Walter's UFO

ET Craft Emitting Blue Beam of Light




Tri-Bubble UFO ET craft

American Abducted - Viewed Australia From Space




Black Stealth Secret Helicopter

Mystery Helicopter Seen in 1997 During Abduction



Orb UFO on Military Base, USA


Orb Shaped Craft Observed on Military Flight-Line


Round UFO Military Base, USA




Classic Saucer UFO with Grey inside

Grey Extraterrestrial Inside Saucer Shaped Craft





Liquid Nickel UFO

Saucer Shaped Craft Observed in Desert Location


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