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An Overview by Hybrids Rising

Fifteen years prior to the publication of First Contact, Tom T. Moore began experimenting with higher states of consciousness using meditative techniques. His earlier meditative practices involved communications with his guardian Angel, which in turn led him to understand how to request MBOs or Most Benevolent Outcomes. Moore continued to explore this gentle way of living via meditation which was the inspiration for his three part series of books entitled The Gentle Way.

Tom Moore’s latest discoveries through meditation resulted in contact with what Moore believes to be an Extraterrestrial being from the Sirius B system. Moore’s extraterrestrial contact is called Antura, a fifth-dimensional amphibian humanoid who lives on one of six water planets in the Sirius B system. The reason Tom and Antura are able to communicate is because they both have the same guardian Angel and are part of the same soul cluster, which is typically a group of “…six to twelve soul fragments living on Earth as part of the Earth Experiment.” Moore compares this relationship to that of twins who “know what each other is thinking, but in this case, it would be like twins on steroids.” Moore’s conversations with Antura have led him to the understanding that he has been chosen to be one of 12 Grassroots Contactees who will actively participate in our planet’s first open Contact beginning in the warmer months of the northern hemisphere in 2015.

Soul Fragments

In order to grasp one of the basic premises of First Contact, one needs to accept the idea that our souls engage in multiple incarnations over time. Most importantly, souls do not experience life in a linear fashion, but rather, multidimensionally, existing in multiple timelines and living multiple lives simultaneously; thus the concept of “soul fragments.”

The Earth Experiment may be somewhat difficult for people to accept and understand on several levels. It is defined as an “experiment set up by Creator and our souls, in which we are veiled from knowing about our souls and past lives in order to reinvent everything and work with negativity.” Antura explains that no other group of beings in the universe has been able to accomplish this feat for millions of years.

These extraterrestrial Creators surely picked the optimal planet on which to experiment with negativity. One can easily see how Earth can be viewed as a planet of negativity since Humans have been in a constant cycle of warring, disease and suffering since we came into existence. We would also ask: How can intelligent beings, indeed “creators” do such a thing? Do they care about our suffering? And because they had a hand in our creation and placed us here – or rather as it is stated in First Contact, we Humans have chosen to be here and remain veiled – we must consider the other life forms who also live here, upon which we inflict pain and cause great suffering. Why are they involved in this experiment with negativity? Did they choose as well?

The Process of Contact


Blue Amphibian BeingAccording to Antura, now that humanity has gotten “over the hump” as it were, there is much excitement throughout the universe regarding our accomplishments with overcoming and working with negativity. In fact, many different species and races of extraterrestrials have sent their ships to Earth to observe the process of open Contact we are told will unfold over the next 11 years.

The process of Contact will begin in 2015 and will likely be complete in 2025 since Humans will be moving from our third dimensional existence into the lowest level of the fifth dimension. The process will be “slow and gentle” so as not to alarm or frighten Earth’s population as well as to give our governments the time they need to finally acknowledge that many, if not most governing bodies have been aware of the extraterrestrial presence on our planet for decades and have hid this knowledge from their constituents.

Antura provides Tom with details as to how his species appears and what their planet in the Sirius B system looks like – right down to the basic makeup of their atmosphere. Sirius B is described as a true utopia, filled with long life, good health, peace, love, and caring. The beings there are purely compassionate on all levels. Antura says there is no need to “kill our fellow brethren…” as Humans do to the animals on our planet because their bodies and souls have evolved to only consume plant foods. Antura’s race uses technology to create and harvest plant based food underwater in such a manner that it does not deplete their planet’s natural balance.

Interspecies Communications

Antura’s species is quite evolved and have been in the Sirius B system for millions of years. They live extremely long lives, but because they are amphibians, they cannot be away from water for too long a time, requiring re-emersion after a few hours. When his species arrives here, they will require special body coverings which will be nearly undetectable to us. They have two eyes, a mouth, two ears and one gill on one side of their heads. They have two hearts and because they are amphibians, they are cold blooded. Antura’s species communicates utilising hand gestures, mental telepathy as well as using sounds underwater as Earth’s dolphins and whales communicate. Their species is capable of both swimming and walking on solid ground.

Antura hints at their technology by sharing certain concepts and their way of living, but he is prohibited from spelling things out as it were, because our Human scientist’s are supposed to create and invent our own technology. The idea that Humans have to work things out on our own is paramount to their belief that Humans are a special experiment and are veiled from certain types of knowledge, especially technology. When Antura’s species arrives, it is claimed they will “spoon feed us” low levels of technology, but we will have to make the large discoveries ourselves. Therein lies the idea of an Extraterrestrial Prime Directive. Whilst we are on the subject of having to take up cliché’s, there is also, according to Antura, a “Federation of Planets.” It seems inevitable that some must swallow, roll their eyes, and press on. Who can truly say where Gene Roddenberry and other writers of science fiction received their ideas. Some have claimed to have awakened in the wee hours of the morning with their minds full of concepts derived from a universal stream of consciousness. Perhaps there really is a Federation of Planets somewhere in our vast Universe.

The Explorer Race

When Moore asks Antura what Humans will be able to contribute to the Federation we receive a bit more insight into how they view and perhaps plan to deal with negativity. Humans are referred to as the Explorer Race and as such we,

“…[have] made much progress in an area that everyone else has failed at – working with negativity. And though that sounds simple to you, I can assure you it is not…you will introduce games and small amounts of negativity, as you have already been told, that will cause all of the societies you encounter to begin growth again. You will be the catalysts of the universe.

Apparently this is to be the Explorer Race’s only contribution, but Antura emphasizes throughout the book that by having Humans teach the other vastly superior races who have turned away from negativity, how to deal with negativity, this will be a “major accomplishment.” Some team members wish to impart to Antura and the other superiorly advanced races in the Cosmos: Be careful what you wish for. Negativity is not all it’s whipped up to be.

Seven Earth Directives

The HR Team has a bit of nick-picking concerning the Federation’s Earth Directives, which are said to have been set up in order to protect us. Hopefully we will not give too much away by listing two of these and commenting on them. We will not list all of them since it is necessary for you to read the book in order to obtain the full message the Sirians, Antura’s species and the Federation are attempting to convey.

Earth Directive One: There shall be no more abductions of Earth people for any experiments.

On first take, this comes across as a blatant misstatement of fact since the HR Team and other researchers have indeed received reports of “abductions” occurring as recently as 2014, a few of which you can read in The Hybrid Project here at HR and in The Hybrids Project blog at The Object Report.

If we look at the word “experiment” we might be swayed to accept this statement as fact. Contact and Visitations and the like have continued to occur. The taking of Human DNA has continued to occur, most notably by the Tall Blacks and other hybrid species. Experiments per se may not actually be occurring at this time. Still, this is a bit of a stretch where terminology is concerned, thus; we are suspicious of this statement. If anyone is still being “experimented” on, please report it (or “think” it to our friends in the Federation) so they will know which species is continuing this type of activity since they are apparently violating Earth Directive One.

Earth Directive Two: There shall be no assistance given regarding inventions without Federation approval.

This one we like since the HR Team and Experiencers such as Melinda Leslie, Jim Sparks, and Nadine Lalich for example, have been provided examples of different types of technology including Observed Technology and Bio-Neural Interface technology. Propulsion technology, especially involving the triangular craft can be inferred from, and read about at The Object Reports Special Reports Blog and in HR’s ET Craft document which has links to all of TOR's Triangle Craft Reports. We are also keen on Earth Directives Three through Seven and again, are not listing them so readers will be enticed to read the entire book.

The Fifth Dimension or Fifth Focus

Blonde Nordic ExtraterrestrialFormal public Contact with Humans in 2015 will involve different types of Extraterrestrials. First, we will be formerly be introduced to the Pleiadians because they are the most Human like of all the Extraterrestrials who make up the Federation of beings who wish to participate in humanity’s unveiling and transition to a higher, fifth dimension or fifth focus. They will use sophisticated translator devices that will allow everyone who hears their voices to understand what they are saying as well as receive a pleasing and reassuring tonal quality.

After the Pleiadians make contact, a second species that is also Human in appearance, will make formal contact. Moore might have been lead by Antura or led himself to this conclusion by asking Antura if it would be the Arcturians (no) followed by the Orions (no) and then finally hitting on the Zetas (Greys) as the second group who will arrive.

The Zetas will apologize profusely for their abductions of Humans and will “…trot out the hybrids to show the success of the project. They will also bring other humanoids with them...” Moore inquires how the Zetas or Greys will handle the negative backlash regarding the abductions and Antura says they will explain their actions by different means, focusing on their dire situation at the time. And, when we speak of Time in this instance, it may not be how we currently view Time.

The Pleiadians will return for a second visit and after such, another humanoid race will arrive to introduce themselves. Again, the more Human in appearance, the less Humans will have to fear.

Sirian Contact in 2017

After these initial three to four introductions of specific Federation members to Humans, Antura’s Species – the Sirians – will arrive approximately two to three years later. The Sirians are apparently experts at First Contact as they have orchestrated these types of events for millennia. The Sirians, as well as the other First Contact Visitors, will be required to lower their vibrational frequencies somewhat from 5.4 to the lowest “rung” of the fifth dimension or fifth focus which is 5.0. As with earthquake measurements, there is apparently a substantial difference between level 5.0 of the fifth focus and level 5.4 of the fifth focus.

Another most important event must transpire prior to any of what we have covered thus far, and we suspect it is virtually impossible for Humans to visualize: We Humans – the Explorer Race – will be accelerated and will move from our current third dimensional frequency to a fourth dimensional frequency, and finally then to the fifth dimensional frequency. Only when this occurs can true physical, open Contact occur. Thus, to paraphrase an old song: Times (and no doubt our bodies?) will be a-changing!

There is a bit of confusion concerning which country will initiate the actual process of Contact. As it stood in 2013, Russia was seen as the government that will publicly admit to the ET presence revealing what it knows about certain species from Soviet Government’s past involvement with extraterrestrials. This seems dubious in light of the current conflict between the Separatists and Ukraine (and Russia?). U.S. will continue to be one of the countries that will sit back and take a “wait and see attitude” to open Contact. According to Antura, U.S. will not admit to the extraterrestrial presence until they are forced to do so by the arrival of the Pleiadians in 2015. It may be that the Sirians are keeping specific information veiled from Moore and therefore everyone else at this time in order for the location to remain safe, as there will no doubt be many people on our planet who will experience fear and resistance, not the least of which will be those who wield the most control.

Sirian Mother Ship

Blue Sirian or Arcturianwww.hybridsrising.com: Blue-ET-Alien-Hybrid.jpgIf all goes as scheduled, approximately 850 beings will be on the mother ship with the Sirians when they arrive in 2017. There is higly interesting information concerning their craft, which some HR Team members have witnessed and other researchers have reported, but again, we are leaving this information out of this overview to entice people to read the book.

Antura also speaks of other species that have been invited and have accepted to come to Earth to witness the Earth Experiment. On their craft, among others will be a minor presence by the Arcturians who, like the Sirians, also have blue skin. Also present will be an exotic, sapient Plant life form with vine like features; Insect species – some with wings and others without wings; and interestingly, two Reptilians.


www.hybridsrisng.com: Dinoman-Reptile-Like-Humanoid.jpgDo not fear – the war occurred eons ago (as far as Human’s life-spans are concerned) and yes, the Reptilians were the aggressors. They are now on friendly terms with the Universe and all has been forgiven. The two Reptilians who will be aboard the mother ship with the Sirians are coming in part to check on their own species who are “ensouled” here. This is an interesting and controversial concept which is discussed throughout First Contact, but it is too complicated to cover in this document. It is said these two Reptilians will not appear as menacing as others appear (who stand approximately 14 feet in height).

We want to stress again, Antura insists there are no bad feelings or ill will with the Reptilians now and that Reptilians DO NOT EAT HUMANS. Antura also emphasizes there are many species with reptilian features that exist in our universe as well as “bird beings” and insect like ones.

A short time prior to First Contact going to print, Moore told Antura he felt time dates were slippery and asked if their plans were still on track. Antura’s species, being multidimensional and extremely advanced technologically as well as on a soul-consciousness level replied in the affirmative. The HR Team is paraphrasing but in essence it will occur, according to Antura:

“…because we have already seen it unfold – we have been there, therefore we know it will happen.”

Metaphysical Constructs

If you are not versed in the metaphysical, this book will expose you to new concepts including time travel, ultra technology, and the multileveled existence of souls and therefore consciousness. Whilst certain members of the HR Team were not open to channelling prior to reading First Contact, we come away from this experience with more of an open mind and perhaps even hope for the future of humanity and the other life forms with whom we share our planet. On the other hand, we also question the morality of superior biological and/or technologically advanced beings who allow the suffering of so many innocent souls on our planet, including animals. Some of us believe it is dubious that animals “chose” to participate in a Human Earth Experiment. It is overly simplistic to imply otherwise. Perhaps this is a topic Moore and Antura will cover in the followup to First Contact since Antura told Moore he will write another book after initial Contact occurs.

We also recognize dates concerning open Contact with Extraterrestrials have never worked out in the past and we wonder why anything should change today. On the other hand, we wonder if there might actually be more than meets the eye to Moore’s communication with the Sirian who calls himself Antura. Moore may indeed be in contact with a higher intelligence who is utilising him as a messenger. As is the case with many other people on our planet, our physicists know from the mathematics, there has to be sentient life “out there.” If they are advanced and telepathic, they could easily communicate and interact with Earth’s inhabitants. Thousands, perhaps millions of people have had Contact with Extraterrestrials and Advanced Intelligences. For those of you who have not - belt up. You may be in for the ride of your life!


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IMAGE Credits: The Object Report, Hybrids Rising Team Members, The Hybrids Project Team. Other links to open source images and material can be found in the links below.

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Cynthia Crawford, Contactee and ET Sculptor created the Blue Arcturian bust featured in this document.

Dinoman (Reptilian appearing humanoid) courtesy of Extraterrestrials: A Field Guide for Earthlings, Terence Dickinson and Adolf Schaller, Camden House Publishers, 1994.

Science Daily: Dolphins and Whales Antura's species can communicate with these beautiful ocean beings and says they are sentient. (Of course they are!)

Blue Amphibian Being compliments of Anynomous source. Thank you for sharing this beautiful illustration. HR Team members visualize Antura appearing similar to this illustration. We have given this image the copyright of their posting number: © R8017 http://cassiopaea.org/forum/index.php?topic=23073.0

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