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Corey Goode’s Blue Avian Sphere Alliance

By Hybrids Rising


Want to Believe?This article contains examples of misinformation and disinformation using images that Corey Goode has credited to himself and his case. Next to Corey Goode’s images are others we found that preceded his in other media. We are not criticizing the artist’s whose works are presented here. All of this artwork is pretty amazing to us; however, with the Contact Phenomenon, context is everything and credit is rarely given to those who deserve it.

We are not criticizing Corey Goode because he has no hard evidence. The fact is, true ET Contact rarely, if ever, leaves evidence in its wake. And, for those experiencers with evidence, they have been proverbially crucified for that evidence: those photographs that are “too clear to be real;” the videotape of an ET; videotapes of sightings witnessed by hundreds of people simultaneously; abduction cases with multiple witness testimony; and even the admission by astronauts and pilots of seeing bonafide non-terrestrial craft.

The controversial claims made by Corey Goode regarding his Blue Avian ETs and the SSP or Secret Space Program continue to elude many people. Since the beginning of his forum postings (~2014) it has been difficult to pin down any substantiating support for what he, Gaia and others, have been promoting over the past few years. Much of what Corey Goode has claimed and taken credit for is questionable as the images below will demonstrate.

Corey Goode and Gaia are churning out more and more images to accompany their never ending narrative and so far, it has only served to further muddy the waters of ET Contact research. For all anyone really knows, this entire scheme could very well be guerrilla marketing for an upcoming science fiction series. (?)

If this is not purely a money-making scheme, then the outcome of this type of operation, if it succeeds, is nefarious and disturbing. When an operative uses real and truthful information garnered from bonafide experiences of contactees and mixes it with fabrications and distortions and even outright lies, and then passes those lies off as truth, the end result can be disastrous.

Most people don’t have the time or the knowledge to be able to differentiate truth from fiction in cases like these so the fabricated stories continue to grow legs and proliferate throughout the internet until the facts used to support the lies are diminished – melted and meshed into a pool of incomprehensible fiction. In the end, one either chooses to believe all of it or none of it. Most people who read the Corey-Goode-Gaia-fiction will likely turn away from the concept of ET Contact as opposed to embracing it, and that is what is referred to as a successful UFO disinformation campaign.

The Axiom Spacecraft and MUFON’s Promotion of Corey Goode’s “Secret Space Program”

These two images clearly show that the Corey-Goode-MUFON SSP “mother ship” was taken directly from Pixar/Disney’s movie WALLE. The name of the ship was called The Axiom. How Goode and MUFON got away with using this image is a mystery to us. Other picturesque examples follow these. For the record, we know of no person and no other case ever, where someone described seeing an ET craft that looked like this. This craft is total fiction.


MUFON Steals Axiom Space Ship




Oompa Loompas versus Corey Goode’s Mayan ETs

How many other experiencers and contactees over the past 70+ years have described the beings they’ve interacted with as looking like “Oompa Loompas”? None. Zilch. Only Corey Goode has claimed to have seen these “Mayan” ETs who wear their hair, and dress, and have physical characteristics like Oompa Loompas. We wonder how people of Mayan descent feel about being depicted in this manner?


Oompa LoompaGorey Goodes Oompa Loompa



When Barbie Is Real Goode

Tall, thin blonds with voluptuous bodies and Barbie-sized breasts? German researcher, Dr. Johannes Fiebag was one of the first people to publish cases involving otherworldly beings and their Mimicry ability to show themselves as something our minds wish to see. Do some reading on ET screen imagery and the beings’ use of camouflage techniques. Read about Jim Sparks’ beautiful and voluptuous human female he had “sex” with (pp78-79) and the technology involved. Read about ET mind scan techniques. You will discover – as most people do when they do the necessary research into true Contact cases – that these beautiful human appearing women and men are not what they, at first glance, appear to be. Even the Tall Whites are more “alien” in appearance than “the-Navy-is-going-to-bring-us-disclosure” depictions would have people believe.


Goode Barbie Doll




The Object Report’s Agent K and What Corey Goode Really Saw

Agent K’s original art based on Gary McKinnon’s description of the craft he saw and referred to as “Solar Warden.” This had (or has) nothing to do with Corey Goode and his SSP, but rather, the real SSP we all know is out there. But yet, Corey Goode has said this is what he saw as a member of the SSP.


Solar Warden Spacecraft








Quoting Agent K:

“1) Corey Goode did not provide his artist with any description of what one of these ships looks like, he simply took my image and told them to make it look like this. To me this is proof that he doesn’t know what these craft look like and has probably never seen one much less been aboard one.”

“2) Corey Goode is opportunistic and won’t hesitate to steal artwork from other sources in order to promote his own agenda. Now he’s working on a graphic novel, will my design be part of that as well?”


“To me, this is just more evidence that he’s fabricating this entire story. I personally do believe there is an SSP in place and I believe there is a Solar Warden fleet out there. But for someone who claims to be part of the SSP and to have been aboard these ships, then why rip off artwork from another source?? Why not just say no, this is what it actually looks like…not that.” – Agent K

Agent K Comparison Solar Warden Copyright Infringement








Blue Birds

We have no doubt that every experiencer or contactee has presented at least one image or experience that doesn’t fit with what research has led us to believe is the “norm,” i.e., a somewhat standard scenario of ET interaction and imagery associated with it. Having said that, we have never come across a case involving beings that look like birds. Thirty years, and no bird beings in our case studies, much less Blue Birds. Go back 70 years and you won’t find bird beings in other researchers’ files either. No Oompa Loompas. No perfect Barbies (or Kens). No Axiom spaceships...


X-Files Poster Stepped OnCorey Goode and Gaia appear to have a huge internet footprint, but we’re not so certain people are really this gullible. The number of sites and blogs that his information has been cut and pasted onto, we suspect, represents an artificial inflation of interest as opposed to what is representative in the internet-reading population. Unfortunately, as we all know, what goes on the internet, stays on the internet in one fashion or another, so just as with Project SERPO – It looks like Corey Goode and his version of the SSP is here to stay.


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